Beth-Anne and The Yummy Mummy Club

Check out an article that I wrote for Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club.  Beware:  It’s definitely a girl thing.  My husband told me that he didn’t “get” it but he doesn’t let people near his body with scalding wax.

I hope you enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Beth-Anne and The Yummy Mummy Club

  1. Ehh, the whole waxing scene skeeves me. I’ve never had it done and I probably won’t ever need to get it done.

    True story: when I met the love of my life I hadn’t been with a man for a looong time, and I was content with that, so content with my singularity that I didn’t even notice when I was falling head over heels for the tomcat I now love. Several lucheons, evening dinners, phone convos, and shopping trips later, I found myself in his bed… and he found what was inside my panites!

    Oh Lord, it had been so long since the last intimate time (and you know that last intimate time with that-other-guy you really weren’t trying to impress him then either, considering he was on his way out) that I had completley forgotten to take care of business down there.

    Let’s just say I got ZZTop smirks and nudges (tenderly) and promptly dressed accordingly “down there” the next day.

    Moral of the story: if he loves you, he’ll deal with a couple little pricklies, maybe a whole muffin top… if he really loves you, he’ll sweep you up on Day One of your smoothness… but waxing? a little overboard, unless your gyno is doing it for you!

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