Grade-Eh Goodness

Part of the joy of living in a new neighbourhood comes from discovering new shops, artists and people to get to know and support. Last weekend, the boys and I visited the Danforth East Arts Fair, an annual event at Toronto’s East Lynn Park showcasing local artists.

I left totally smitten with Sara Deacon (of Grade-Eh Design)’s adorable handmade applique pillows, aprons, wall art and other housewares.  Made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and felt made from recycled pop bottles, Sara’s designs feature such iconic Canadian images as moose antlers, beavers, and that most Canadian of questions: “Eh?”.

Unfortunately, as I had two boys in tow (who were more interested in figuring out which artist was giving away free candy) I left the fair empty-handed, but I’m absolutely certain there’s a pillow with a canoe on it in my future. You can check out Sara’s handiwork online on her website.


4 thoughts on “Grade-Eh Goodness

  1. Marcelle – thanks for sharing. Sara’s handiwork would make great hostess gifts when visiting someone’s cottage or for a little camper about to experience their first over-night session.

  2. Couldn’t agree more – I already have her tagged for my Christmas list for my in-laws cottage…

    Oh my goodness, did you see the beavers?

  3. Ok now this is weird…………………….I just left a comment on one of your posts and then thought I’d read this post and here you are talking about toronto my home town. I live in the UK and am desperate to return to toronto after 14 years away. Not only that but maybe return with new baby in tow (not pregnant yet) and with my partner (an artist).

    Hmmm meant to be finding your posts!!


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