At Issue: Banned Books

This week is Banned Books Week.  Find out more from the American Library Association here, and tune in this week as we all discuss banned books in our lives.

What are some of your memories of banned books?  At your school or home?  Any treasures from the forbidden shelves?


5 thoughts on “At Issue: Banned Books

  1. my kids government school bans peanuts, tobacco, and the Bible, but the library has novels that overtly teach the atheist God-hating religion. (“His Dark Materials” series.)

    • My sons have life-threatening allergies, so I am thankful that our school is nut-free, and tobacco makes sense to me since most of our public spaces also ban tobacco. The Bible, though, should not be banned, nor should Philip Pullman.

  2. why or how could a library ever decide to ban the bible is beyond me. if they don’t want to read it then they don’t have to. they don’t even have to suggest it for reading. maybe they would like to be librarians in iran. i’m sure there are no bibles in their libraries.

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