Just The Facts Kid

Nancy Ripton, mother of three and co-founder of Just The Facts Baby, along with her business partner and fellow writer and mother of two, Sydney Loney have just launched Just The Facts Kid.

Just The Facts Kid is a continuation of Just The Facts Baby and provides up to date articles on issues pertaining to parenting school-aged children.  Like its sister website, the pages are easy to navigate with tabs for shopping, recipes, travel and contests.  Concise feature articles like, How To Stop Kids From Whining and Raising a Left Handed Child are definitely worth the read.

If it is quick info you are after be sure to check out the Daily Fact.  Today’s message is about maternal cell phone use during pregnancy and a child’s behaviour.

I am loving this website and know that you will too!


4 thoughts on “Just The Facts Kid

    • Hi Linda:
      Glad that you enjoyed the article. I often find interesting tidbits on the site that are “just the facts”. I appreciate the pointedness of the articles because I am short on time lately.


  1. Hey BA,

    For some reason your links to Just the Facts Baby and Just the Facts Kid are not working properly.

    I will Google my way over there to check it out anyway. Thanks!

    • Hi Melanie:

      So the secret is out . . . my computer skills have much to be desired. I will take some time this afternoon when my children are killing, er, I mean playing with each other to figure it out.

      Definitely worth goggling though. I like that the site is Canadian and so when discussing safety recalls/standards it is always in accordance with the government of Canada . . . useful for me.


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