Family Literacy Day

FLD Events

January 27 is Family Literacy Day, a day organized by ABC Life Literacy Canada.  The organization promotes literacy awareness for children and adults, and suggest strengthening your family’s literacy
skills with daily activities in order to promote a lifelong love of learning.

All it takes is practicing for 15 minutes every day by reading, writing, playing a game, following a recipe or even singing a song.

According to materials sent home by the Toronto School Board, it is more important to read daily for 15 minutes than to read for an hour once or twice a week.  Why?  Frequent repetition reinforces literacy skills and it creates the reading habit.

The focus for this year’s activities is games, and there are events happening all month, all over Canada.  Click on your province on this map to find out what’s happening.

There is even a game you can play to win prizes: the Raise a Reader colouring contest, sponsored by Postmedia with a prize pack from Hasbro.

Happy reading/singing/game-playing to you all!