He’s Got What?

I’m on my second bout of strep throat this month.  The first was not bad, actually.  My husband was still home for the long New Year’s weekend, I could be sick in bed, sleep, shiver, read, feel all the aches and pains, and watch dvds relatively guilt-free.  And there was ice cream.  It wasn’t all bad, actually.  Well, aside from constantly gagging on the massively swollen bits at the back of my throat. 

The second bout is neither as severe nor as relaxing.  I’m on duty again, and this round is just making me cranky.  “At least,” I thought, prematurely counting my blessings, “the kids haven’t had to deal with it.” 

Cue the ominous music.

It turns out that I’m not the only one in the house with strep, nor is the throat the only place that the strep bacteria like to hang out.

Did you know that there is such a thing as strep bottom?  I didn’t.

It presents as pimples or a bright red rash around the anus, possibly with a white coating.  It can cause painful bowel movements, and your little one might complain of a sore bum.  Bleeding is also a symptom.  It is diagnosed with a swab test for strep and treated with oral antibiotics and topical cream or ointment.

Now you know.  So if one of your little ones has a rash that won’t respond quickly to your usual lotions and potions for the bum, ask around about exposure to strep and head off to the doctor. 

Ice cream afterwards is not required but strongly recommended.


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