Springtime Fashions for Real Life

It’s hard to believe when I’m digging myself out of the barrage of snow that just fell upon Toronto that spring is in fact going to come again.  Looking at the calendar can be depressing.  I like to remind myself that it’s only two more flips before we can say hello to April, warmer weather and sunshine!

If you happen to pop into any mall or boutique clothing store you might be confused.  It’s twenty below outside, bone-chilling winds and mountains of snow, but you’d never know it by the sea of pastels and wispy fabrics that line the racks.

According to Toronto-based stylist Lisa Williams, now is the time to shop for spring while the selection is in abundance.  I had the opportunity to hear Lisa talk about spring fashion at the mom’s group that I belong to.  Lisa styles many Canadian talk show hosts, tv series and movies but she is no fashion snob.  She has everyday working women and on-the-go moms as clients too (men, too!).

Unsure what to add to your wardrobe this spring?  Here are some suggestions that are functional for everyday living but also on trend.


1.  Walking short (a.k.a. Bermuda short) – No Daisy Dukes.  No jean cut-offs.  We’ve grown up ladies and it’s time to embrace a classic short.  The ideal length is above the knee, a higher raise in the waist (not covering your belly button but please, no whale tails showing!) and slim fitting through the thigh.  Dark and white denim always look fresh with brightly coloured tunics and tees.  Pair with a flat sandal, Converse sneakers or a wedge heel.  Easy-peasy!

2.  White Jeans – I think that white jeans look great on everyone.  When paired with a colourful shirt and lightweight scarf, white jeans look so fresh and crisp.  I used to be afraid of wearing white around my young children but I learned (the hard way) that stains can be easily bleached and really, what’s another pair of jeans in the laundry?

3.  Linen Pants – Lisa assures me that the more wrinkles the better!  This is fantastic because I am not about to commit to ironing pants or making trips to the dry cleaner.  Linen is a comfortable alternative to the classic khaki and can easily be dressed up or down with accessories.  Lisa’s linen tip: Always buy on the snug side because linen stretches!

4.  The Shirt – Men’s inspired shirts with a feminine twist are all the rage.  Look for shirts that are tailored to fit a woman’s body and that have a casual appeal, like rolled-up sleeves.  Pairing shirts with long-chain necklaces and/or scarves update a traditional shirt and give instant polish to any look.

5.  The Jean Jacket – A fitted, dark denim jacket is a must have piece for springtime.  Consider pairing the jacket with your favourite flirty summer dresses as a way to increase the wear ability of your summer wardrobe.  A jean jacket is a nice alternative to a blazer or cardigan.  It has a young, fun vibe but looks great on a woman regardless of age.

6.  Colour – Goodbye gray, black and brown . . .the drab colours of the wintertime are soon a thing of the past (at least for a few months) and hello to colour!  Coral is everywhere for spring and Lisa insists that most woman look fabulous in this colour as it compliments many skin tones.

7.  Hats – I am a little nervous about this trend.  On one hand, I love the idea of saving my skin from the sun with a nice brim but I can’t help but feel like I have a giant, glowing LOOK AT ME beacon flashing on my head every time that I am wearing a hat.  Hat styles run the gamut from floppy cowboy style to structured woven fedoras.  I am going to embrace my inner Mad Men this spring and try to find the perfect hat for me.

In a few weeks when I am deep in my winter-coma, I will need to head to the mall for a little retail therapy and Lisa’s springtime suggestions might just be the perfect antidote.

* As an aside, after I had my middle son, I hired Lisa to give my wardrobe an updating.  For the price of a “bad purchase”, I had Lisa’s expertise all to myself.  The best part: she pre-shopped for me and had a dressing room full of stuff for me to try on!  To contact Lisa:  lisa.williamsstyle@gmail.com.



7 thoughts on “Springtime Fashions for Real Life

  1. Costco has beautiful linen pants out right now – for $15.99! Four colours – black, white, beige and khaki green. I picked up two pairs and will be wearing them this spring!

    • Ooooh! Thank you for the tip. I have to go to Costco to pick up diapers and wipes anyway and burying the cost of clothes in with the groceries is one of my favourite “guilt-free” tricks.

      I love the price point too. I won’t feel guilty if they get destroyed over the spring/summer and/or I grow tired of them.

      • I am also guilty of the Costco clothing purchase lumped in with daily household items!!! It’s one of my best moves!

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