The Perfect Summer Treat!

I love the summer.  After spending much of the year indoors and swaddled in parkas and such, it’s nice to feel the warm breeze on bare legs and leisurely walk the neighbourhood streets.

When you live in a colder climate, the minute the weather starts to turn, people take to the streets, patios become the site of crowded socials and even a few eager-beavers don their summer footwear*.

The other thing about summer that makes me smile is ice cream.  I am a firm believer that ice cream should be enjoyed year round.  My university roommate and I could easily take down a tub at one sitting – at any given moment.  (As an aside: we also ate more peanut butter cups at Halloween than anyone I have ever known.)

Alas, my metabolism seems to forget that ice cream was my first love.  If you are like me and love ice cream (but it’s not loving you like it used to) fear not . . . I have discovered the BEST TREAT OF SUMMER 2011!

Nestle has come out with a 110 calorie mini-drumstick in a variety of flavors including . . .cookie dough!

What makes this the perfect treat, aside from the ridiculously low calorie count and how tasty they are, is that it’s ideal for sharing with your kids.

The mini cone is perfect for little hands to wrap around, the slighter portion is perfect for little tummies and the smaller than-a-trip-to-the-parlor price tag is perfect for my little wallet!

Thanks to my soon-to-be sister-in-law for sharing these with the boys!  Sure to be a big hit this summer!

*  Please, please, please, people.  Stop showing your cracked, dry, scaly, unpedicured toes in your sandals while the trees are still devoid of their leaves.  It’s enough to scare spring away.


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Treat!

    • Perfect for little hands! The boys have been enjoying them outside on the porch every afternoon. I love that the mess is less and that they are still enjoying the cone without the excess.

    • Deadly! I have to say, I have tried a lot of the 100 calorie treats but this one feels substantial. I feel like I had a satisfying treat. I wasn’t craving more . . . so go ahead! Indulge!

  1. Brilliant! Will have to get some of those. Also loved your comment about the not-ready-for-sandals feet! My feet are far from pretty but I do keep them scrubbed when people are going to see them. A little Lubriderm and a pumice stone, folks! 🙂

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