Summer Smiles

At the risk of sounding all Goopy or Oprah-ish, here are some things that I have come across this summer that just make my day. How about you? What has been your favourite summer find?

My Quotable Kid – a journal

Every parent has stories of funny things their kids say. Like this summer my three year old told me that I was “taking away all of his fun” when I thwarted his attempt to “fly” from a high surface whilewearing a blanket for a cape and a helmet. That’s me – a total meanie.

Window writers to identify drinking glasses

I stole this one from my sister-in-law. She solved the problem of the Mystery Glass. After a few wine spritzers or fruity cosmo’s the inevitable begins: “Is that my glass?”

Charms don’t work for my absent-minded friends who are too busy tracking their three year olds to remember whether they are the pink stiletto or the martini olives. Use Crayola Window Writers to scribble each person’s name on their glass.

Kids love this. Adults love this. The joker in the crowd loves this -some interesting nicknames might be revealed after round two.

Twist ‘N Sparkle Carbonator from Williams-Sonoma

I must confess that I read about this carbonator in O Magazine. The boys and I love bubbly water (actually, I pretty much love all things bubbly) so in effort to reduce my inflated San Pellegrino tab, I purchased one of these. The boys and I have had fun making carbonated O.J. and other fun umbrella-type drinks. I am definitely the party-hit when I twist the carbonator and we watch the bubbles fizz.

I have to hand it to my husband for creating the best cocktail of the summer – lemonade, vodka, Cointreau and a splash of lime cordial mixed together and then carbonated. So yummy, it comes dangerously close to fourth baby territory. (Don’t worry – not really!)

Cars 2 pancake molds and flippers from Williams-Sonoma

And while I was picking up the carbonator, I saw these spatulas and pancake molds. The perfect way to spend the morning while nursing a carbonated cocktail hangover 🙂


9 thoughts on “Summer Smiles

  1. I had to order the window markers – we have a ton of windows that even a toddler can reach and I think this is going to save me the next time a ‘toy war’ erupts on a playdate – what a great distraction! Thank you. (I also love the wineglass idea – will definitely try that one, too.)

    • The best thing about the window writers is that you can do it on the windows or mirrors. I have let them draw on the mirrors too and the novelty keeps it exciting for just a bit longer. My only complaint is that it isn’t easy to get the “wax” off surfaces. But I have made that a game too – and the kids are enjoying scrubbing the windows clean.

    • We ran out of vodka the other day (I swear, we have had that bottle forever!) and subbed in rum. While still yummy, it just didn’t cut it. Always the experimenter!

  2. I usually hate buying anything, but my husband insists on unlimited sparkling water, and I don’t dare to calculate the impact on our grocery budget, so I would even go so far as to say that I am *excited* about the Twist n Sparkle. Thanks!

    • Kelly – I am possibly the WORST shopper so when I find something that I like/need I just buy it. If it makes life easier , than it’s a no brainer. You need to consume a decent amount of sparkling water for it make sense financially, but not having to purchase cases of the stuff, is definitely worth the premium to me 🙂

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    • Okay, you’ve convinced me to order some copies of this book for my boys. I have failed at keeping up with the baby books, so maybe I will succeed at this.

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