A Beantown Getaway

It was back in March that I blogged about a fantastic (and much needed) trip to Paris that my husband and I took.  It was exactly what we needed to do: reconnect.  We needed something more than a dinner date or a quick night away – we needed time to really rediscover our relationship.

While we were sipping champagne in the glow of the Eiffel Tower, we made a commitment to each other to make our relationship a priority.  It’s much easier said than done.  In between the kids’ schedules, family obligations and a demanding job, it’s easy to see how relationships can become neglected.

We do have a weekly dinner planned and although the night may shift and the time and location variable, we try never to cancel our date.  Should the circumstance not be avoided we reschedule.

This past weekend we took “date night” on the road and explored the city of Boston.  If you have never been, I highly recommend it.  The old brownstones and cobblestone streets evoke a European feel but the impressive monuments dedicated to the Civil War and the love affair with the all-things Kennedy instantly grounds you in America.

It was a short visit – only the weekend but thanks to the hop-on, hop-off trolley we were able to see the sights and learn of the city’s rich history spoken by our jovial guide with that distinct Boston accent.

Eating and drinking are a common theme on our trips, so I thought that I would share with you our favorite eats.

Neptune Oyster House – this tiny, strictly seafood restaurant (pictured below) located in Little Italy is worth the line-up.  There are not many seats in the house, and after a forty-minute wait we sat at the bar, which arguably is the best place to sit.  The oyster shucker pried open the shells feverously to keep up with the steady demand for fresh grub and the bar tender was quick to offer up her favourites on the menu.  I had the best lobster roll I have ever eaten.  Steaming hot lobster, drenched with butter atop a perfectly sized bun.  So simple, yet so delicious!

The Butcher Shop – Just as the name suggests, The Butcher Shop is a small restaurant across from the famed Hamersley’s.  The wait to get in is long, because so few tables pepper the shop.  Vegetarians be ware this is not the place for you.  Meat abounds at this place and the quality and presentation don’t disappoint.

Coppa – Tucked away in a residential neighbourhood, this Italian osteria is a noisy mess hall for locals.  The food is modern Italian that can be described as a nod to traditional dishes but with a twist.  Since this was my birthday dinner, I indulged in carb overload.  I started my meal with a wood fire pizza (don’t judge – I shared!) and then went on to eat lobster linguine (only a half order). The pre-dinner cocktail, wine and limoncello for dessert helped to assuage my guilt for playing food group favourites.

Legal Sea Foods – Perhaps it is a bit touristy but for a quick, and easy lunch this is the spot.  Families are welcome here!  The food comes out fast and it’s good.  There is a reason that this place is considered an institution.

LimoncelloBecause we hadn’t stuffed ourselves enough, we decided to end our trip with a meal from Little Italy.  We had heard from many locals and tourists alike that we wouldn’t be disappointed.  Wandering the winding cobblestone streets of the North End to choose a restaurant proved to be more challenging than we thought as all of the menus beckoned.  As we walked by this restaurant, a quick peak inside sealed the deal.  For one, the décor was beyond tacky (see photo below).  An obnoxious mural of Florence lined the wall, white cloths draped the formally set tables, knick-knacks such as fake grapes were displayed on ever-available surface and the chairs looked to be about thirty years old.  The way we see it, any place that has survived so long that it feels like a time wrap usually means good things.  And secondly, there were other people in the restaurant speaking Italian.  Let’s just say that the food was so unbelievably good (and to quote our waiter: “Why not?  You deserve to eat the best! ) that I actually contemplated untucking my shirt so that I could unbutton my pants and keep eating.


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