Toronto Casting Call for Treehouse TV’s Roll Play

Editor’s note:  This casting call is now closed. 

Do you have budding stars under your roof who might like the chance to be on television?  Treehouse TV‘s Roll Play is about to start shooting Season 3 and is seeking energetic kids aged 4-7 for its show!

Roll Play is a live-action, interactive movement series for preschoolers.  Each episode is a story about the adventures of puppet characters set to a song by a Canadian artist! While the movements of the famous people player puppets play out on a black background, children re-enact the movements against a white background. Kids love stories, pretending and getting physical, so they not only watch, but also participate.

If you live in Toronto and have an outgoing or energetic or happy kids who loves to move around and act out their favourite animals, this could be a very good time.   No acting experience necessary (and this opportunity is non-union only).   Auditions will be held in downtown Toronto the week of October 17-21.

Full disclosure:  I don’t think we’ll be auditioning.  We’re not into TV (no cable) and I don’t really want to go there.  However, the mom who told me about this opportunity doesn’t have cable either, and her kids auditioned for a different show and made the first cut, and they all had a positive blast.  So if my husband, say, were to push it, I predict I would capitulate quickly.

To get an idea of what you’d be in for, check out these music videos from Season 2!


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