Memory Quilt

I will confess that I first learned about this fabulous idea for making memories from, gulp, the Twilight movies.  Bella’s mother gives her a quilt made from the t-shirts they’d bought on all of the road trips they’d taken together.   (And here are Bella and Edward on top if it, Act 12 scene 23 of human/vampire sexual frustration.) 

I love the idea of making something lasting from what could easily become the next dust rag.  We have a bajillion t-shirts in this house, and while many of them will end up as dusters, there are those precious pieces that you just don’t want to cut up for housework.  Before I’d even found this idea, I had been putting aside some of the t-shirts from special trips, summer camps, sports teams and tie-dye parties.  Now I have a concrete plan in mind for their use: a quilt for each boy. 

Bella gets her quilt in high school.  To present the boys with a quilt before they each go off to university would make sense, but I don’t want to wait that long!  There is a seven-year gap between my eldest and youngest, so to give them all quilts on the same day does not really make sense, either.  I’m leaning towards sooner rather than later, though, because I do like the idea of the boys snuggling under their own quilts for movie night while they still live at home. 

The quilts can be made from the jersey material used for t-shirts, but you can also have photographs transferred onto jersey material to include in the quilt.  I’ve seen examples with all of the child’s school photos used along the border.  They can be sports-themed, travel-themed, or, yes, Twilight-themed.

And the best news is that you don’t have to be a dab hand with a needle and thread yourself.  There are many artists out there who will make your quilt for you.  (Google “memory quilt” and go from there.)  They’ll even make them out of Twilight Saga t-shirts.


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