Weighing In on Hallowe’en

How do you feel about Hallowe’en?  Or more precisely, how do you as moms feel about Hallowe’en?  Do you love it, hate it, ignore it?  In my neighbourhood, the feelings span the gamut.  On the one hand, an immediate neighbour loves it more than Christmas (and he’s Catholic).  On the other hand, I know two families who don’t participate at all for religious reasons (I’ve never asked, but I think this is because Hallowe’en was once believed by some to be a day when spirits of the dead could cross into the living world, or something like that).

Most of us fall somewhere in between, and what exactly we’re thinking in that ghouly middle ground is what we’ll talk about this week at 4Mothers.

Stop in and say boo.


6 thoughts on “Weighing In on Hallowe’en

  1. Halloween is a time of fun and make believe in our house.
    I have three little people that vary in age so we have decided as a family to pick themes for as long as our boys are little (3 and 2) that they can participate in with their sister who is 9…..this year it’s Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy and they will look adorable.
    My hubbie loves the scary part of Halloween and he dresses up and makes our garage spooky to shell out the candy to the kids (our neighbourhood is loaded) making concessions of course for the little ones.
    Halloween in it’s modern form is far from what it’s roots were and we look at it as a time for pure childish fun and make believe for one night that we are someone/something else before all the snow sets in for another year!!
    Happy Halloween everyone!!!

    • Hi Shannon,

      It’s so great to hear how your family celebrates Hallowe’en! Lucy and Linus will be perfect. Happy haunted returns for the day,


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