Clone Love

With two boys in the house under the age of ten, it is rare that a day goes by without the words “Star” and “Wars” being said by one or the both of them.  So it’s probably because I am so deeply immersed in all things Star Wars that I find these pictures so clever and charming.  Star Wars fans will appreciate these carefully-composed photos by photographer Kristina Alexanderson. Alexanderson, a Swedish amateur photographer, has been taking so-called “family photos” of a Star Wars action figure Stormtrooper, and his Lego family in various familiar and sometimes tender poses every day since the beginning of 2011 as part of her CClones 365 project. What’s so remarkable about them is how well Alexanderson has captured the intimacy between parent and child with a couple of pieces of articulated plastic. Have a look:

A Trooper in the air

Is it rebel-missile's or is it ordinary summer weather?

Hiking on the bike

All images by Kristina Alexanderson. For more of her photos, check out her blog (in Swedish) and her Flickr photostream.


9 thoughts on “Clone Love

  1. Love it.

    But the inner Star Wars geek in me just has to say Marcelle, you really are not quite immersed enough in All Things Star Wars if you think these are clone troopers. Tut tut.

    • You know, I meant to change that. However, the photography project is called “CClones 365; the title is not so much incorrect as it is imprecise.

      Oh, and yes, I know those aren’t clone troopers. In fact, that’s an original 1970’s stormtrooper. I had several until they were stolen from the cloakroom in grade school. I’m still bitter.

      (defensive much, Marcelle? sheesh!)

  2. The photos are fantastic. The conversation int he comments even better. My two 10 year old boys correct me about the clone versus storm trooper issue regularly. 😉

  3. Hi I have comment on the title of the Photo-project. I started with taking picture os two of my sons Clonetroopers and sense I’m involved in Creative Commons I called the photo project CClones. And the more pictures I took the more I wanted to work with the Stormtrooper, but the name was given and I haven’t changed that. The clones may come back. I don’t know.

    Thank you for a really nice post. /Kristina

    • Kristina, I’m so pleased that you’ve commented. I think your photos are wonderful — whether they’re stormtroopers or clonetroopers, you’ve managed to capture something really special. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Hope you’ll drop by 4mothers1blog often.

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