2011 Quotable Quotations

Here is a sample of the boys’ quotable quotations from 2011:

Ted, catching Griffin shooting a nerf gun at Rowan: We’ve told you before – no shooting at your brothers.

Griffin: We’re not, dad. I’m a Jedi and he’s my padawan.  I’m training him to deflect blaster shots.


Griffin: Dad, can we go to Canadian Tire?

Ted: What for, bud?

Griffin: Do I have to have a reason?


 Gavin is sniffing quite loudly.

Ted: Do you want a tissue?

Gavin: No, I can sneeze it back in.


While watching a movie:

Rowan: What does that say?

Ted:  “This show is rated G. It is suitable for all ages.”

Rowan: That’s great, Dad. You can watch it too.


Gavin to Ted: I kiss your nose.  I kiss your cheek, and (turning his face) your other cheek.  I kiss your chin, and (pushing his head back) I kiss your other chin.


Rowan: I’m immortal.

Gavin:  No, I’m immortal.

Rowan: OK, we can both be immortal, but I’m more immortal than you.


Gavin, injured while playing hockey: Ouch!!  That hurt!  Say sorry two times.

Rowan: Sorry.  Sorry.

Gavin: It still hurts.  Say sorry five times.


Nathalie: Gavin, how did you get so cute?

Gavin, after thinking it over for a bit: Mummy and Daddy gave me lots of hugs and kisses.


4 thoughts on “2011 Quotable Quotations

  1. I remember last Christmas I was inspired by your post to save quotes this year and I must say I have stored up a collection that makes me laugh, often when I most need it! My current favourite was from a few weeks ago, my two boys and I were standing in line in Starbucks and my older son (age 4) turns to the man behind us and says “if my Mommy buys you a coffee, will you take my little brother?” and when the man said no, he said “what if she buys you a cookie too??”.

    I really like your “kiss your other chin” quote. Having been told that I look like Jabba the hut this weekend I’m definitely renewing my gym membership!!

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