What I Know For Sure About Parenting Little Boys . . .

10.  Children move at a glacial pace.  What should take 5 minutes to do can easily take more than 20 minutes.  Particularly agonizing activities include: putting on snowsuits, buckling up car seats and finishing meals.

9.  When you are late to leave the house, the more clothing your child has on is directly related to the severity of the diaper explosion.

8.  Little boys live by the following rules: underwear is optional, deny the nosebleed was due to excessive picking and solve all sibling squabbles with force – regardless of how many times mom says “hands are not for hitting!!!!”

7.  The greater the effort put into making dinner, the greater the disapproval your meal will be met with.

6.  Anything can be turned into a gun or weapon.  For some creative uses, check out what Nathalie had to say about this very subject here.

5.  The more tired/hung-over/sick/exhausted that you are, the more energy your boys will have.

4.  What’s funny to a little boy is almost always just as funny to their father.  Remember when I blogged about this?

3.  There is no point in buying clothing that:

a) Does not have a hideous graphic such as that of a banana juggling monkey.

b) Does not come in a colour that could easily be called Pylon Orange.

c) Is any fabric other than “sweat suit”.

because it will never make it’s way out from the back of the closet and usurp the lime-green “Jamaican Me Crazy” t-shirt that your in-laws brought back from their last trip.  The more you hate the shirt, the more that they will love it, thereby making it a staple in all the family photos from Christmas to the 1st of July.  Of course, it will be immortalized in the class photo.

2. If you are a parent of a young boy it’s pretty much a guarantee that your son will at some point, whip it out and pee in a public setting, whether it be at the beach or apple orchard, and it will always be in front of a mother of all girls.

1.  You fill find yourself saying things that you never, ever, thought would come out of your mouth.  Things like this.

What do you know for sure about parenting young boys that should be on this list? 

image credit:  www.thefrisky.com (shows that even little princes pick their nose!)


3 thoughts on “What I Know For Sure About Parenting Little Boys . . .

  1. I most identify with #5! The later I go to sleep, the earlier my son wakes up. I swear on my life that he has a sensor that goes off to wake mom up when she’s the most tired!! 🙂

    • Ugh! I know! I feel like it’s some horrible conspiracy. My friends who have teens tell me that it’s worse when they are older because they keep you awake all night (with worry) and then they sleep until noon – – but you’re wide away after only a few hours of sleep!

  2. Yes, the tracksuit is the outfit of choice these days for my guy too! How about when you tell them not to fall asleep in the car because you’re almost home or to your destination (usually a short trip) and they fall asleep anyway. And then I have to carry him (he’s not that light anymore.

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