The Computer Melted

Now, there’s a title you don’t get to write everyday.  And yes, it really did.

This story boasts two protagonists.  My three year old and a space heater.

The space heater was brought up from the depths of our basement because the weather turned properly frigid last week.  I took it upstairs to the drafty third bedroom where my newborn and I sleep.

Then, in the middle of the night, I awoke to a popping sound, and the heater switched off.  I don’t know what happened exactly, because the socket still works for lights and the heater still works in other sockets.  But it’s an old house and maybe the heater took up more energy than the bedroom socket could manage.  Whatever.

I brought the space heater downstairs so it could warm our (surprise!) drafty sunroom and computer nook.  At the end of the night, I unplugged the heater, and angled it toward our computer tower, which rests on the floor.  I did this on purpose so the kids wouldn’t trip on the cord and to get the heater out of the way.

The next morning, my three year old woke up first as usual and discovered the heater.  He apparently plugged it in “to warm up the house”, sweet thing, but he didn’t angle it away from the computer tower.

And so it melted.  Which meant the button on the front could no longer be depressed, and the computer could not be turned on.

I called our trusty (and well-used) computer guy and he suggested trying to pry off the front cover to see if the power button beneath it could still be turned on.  I got out the proper screwdriver bit and wrenched that baby off (feeling so very handy), and lo! the computer can still be turned on because only the plastic exterior melted.  Yay!

The only trouble is that now the computer looks like this. (Notice how I staged the the space heater on the left for dramatic effect?)

Oh well.  Possibly in some other life I might care.

On an off day, a glass of spilled milk can frustrate me, but for some reason I looked at the melted computer and was all Doris Day about it,  que sera, sera-ing to an easy resolution.  I know some may find my approach to an accident involving a heater and a computer overly blase (perhaps emailing me links for socket covers protectors?), but me, I’m loving my under-reaction and want to employ it for all future household shenanigans.

Besides, a part of me thinks my son was trying to warm up the house for me, because I’m always cold in it in the winter (close the door!  close the fridge! quick, make me a tea!).  It’s almost enough to make me look at the computer wreck with a certain fondness.

2 thoughts on “The Computer Melted

  1. “Oh well. Possibly in some other life I might care.”
    I love, love, love your attitude. Oh, if only we could always channel Doris Day. Bravo, you, and Bravo, Natty for trying to take such good care of you.

    • Thanks Nathalie! Maybe I should tape a picture of her on the ceiling above my bed for a few minutes of early morning meditation…

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