At Issue: Time. Where Does it Go?

It’s a mark of how busy our lives are that this post is just a wee bit late in being posted. I have routines,  schedules, checklists and  my own internal voice, nagging me with a voice like some kind of pocket-sized dictator (“you STILL haven’t signed that permission form!”) and all it takes is one little interruption or deviation from schedule, and it all falls down.

This week, 4mothers explores what is often, possibly erroneously, called “Time/Life Balance”. Can you have it? Is there such a thing? How do you keep the days organized, when they stretch out indeterminately as one school drop off and pick up after another? How do you get everything done every day without the benefit of a 36 hour clock? And this most elusive of concepts, that of “me time” — does it exist?

Do you care? Can you have it all, and if you did, would you want it?

Here are some links to get you started:

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One thought on “At Issue: Time. Where Does it Go?

  1. Me time=staying up until 2am reading stuff that catches my interest on the web, having a beer or two and listening to music that makes me feel alive. Except, I won’t feel so alive the next day when I have to go back to the grind plus sleep deprivation. Any me time comes out of my hide. Its masochism.

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