How Old do I Look?

A conversation yesterday morning on the subway:

Sebastian: Mommy, where did you eat lunch when you were a kid? Did you eat at daycare?

Me: No honey. I went home for lunch.

Sebastian: Oh lucky! Did your mom pick you up?

Me: No, I walked by myself, or with friends. Even in kindergarten, some kids walked home by themselves.

Daniel and Sebastian: (shocked looks)

Daniel:  We’re not even allowed to leave school without a parent until we’re in grade five!

Me: Yes, a lot has changed since I was little. I remember that we used to walk home without their parents all the time when I was a kid.

Sebastian: Did you have to cross any big streets? With streetlights?

Me: No. I was lucky. I only had to walk about four blocks. But I did have to look both ways before crossing, of course.

Eavesdropping Older Lady: Just in case of horses and buggies…


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