I Never Did Say Yes. But Then Again, I Wasn’t Asked.

I believe that there are certain questions in life that you should never ask unless you know what the answer is going to be. And know unequivocally.

Questions like:

Are you expecting?  (This should only be asked when the baby’s head is crowning.)

Oh, so you had your baby!? (This should only be said/asked when the new baby is in the arms of the mother.)

Will you marry me?  falls firmly into this category.  I wish that these poor saps had followed this principle before asking the question – and in an arena to boot!

Proposals Gone Right is the theme for this month, so I should preface that any proposal is “right” so long as it is “right” for the said couple.

I am a private person, so to have been proposed to in front of 20,000 people would rank right up with my most recent pap smear: uncomfortable and devoid of eye contact while repeating “this will all be over in a few minutes” in my head.

Instead, it was a quiet affair while still in our pajamas, seated side-by-side on the couch in front of the decorated tree, early on Christmas morning.  A small package wrapped in yellow was placed in my hand – there was no indication that beneath the layers of tissue paper was a ring.  The ring.

When the tiny box was revealed, the couch started to shake from the nervous twitch of a leg.  I opened the box and must have looked genuinely puzzled when I said, “It’s not earrings.” 

I had dropped many not-so-subtle hints over the past month about wanting earrings to replace the single hoop that had been retired to my jewelry box after losing its match.

“No, it’s not earrings.”

And without a further exchange of words, I slid the sparkling solitaire diamond on the third finger of my left hand.

It was a done deal.