I Have A Confession To Make . . .

I have a dirty little secret.  Since we started subscribing to Netflix (for the kids!), I have started watching a lot more television.  I have never been a fan of reality TV.  Occasionally, I will watch an episode of something on TLC or check-in on those “housewives” but I am not one for over-the-top smut or keeping up with anyone.  But I have been amazed to learn that while regular network television has been inundated with wanna be stars, fringe networks are showcasing some really great programs.

When talking with Nathalie recently, I admitted to her that I had been turning on the TV any time that I had a free minute to feed my latest obsession: Thirtysomething.

I expected her to scoff but on the contrary!  Her eyes lit up and she started telling me about how she was obsessed with the show when it was on in the 90’s and had her friends send her VHS tapings of it in the mail because she was living on the other side of the world and didn’t have regular access to it.

This short lived late 1980’s series could just as easily take place today, which is why, in part, that I am drawn to it.

Hope is a new mother and struggling to make the transition from career woman to stay at home mother.  Her husband Michael is working his way up the corporate ladder, one late night at a time.  Their friends are changing too.  Not quite sure how to relate to their single friends, things become strained and when Hope and Michael are with their friends who are also parents, they are fearful that their marriage will begin to reflect what they see: one more like ships passing in the night.

If you can manage to get passed the cheesy background music and the 80’s clothes (and hair!), you might be surprised at how much you relate to these thirtysomethings.

How about you?  Do you have any t.v. obsessions?  Suggestions for a series to watch?

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7 thoughts on “I Have A Confession To Make . . .

  1. I only watch Mad Men and love it so much. Have been reflecting upon how I relate to it differently than I do to to any book, because reading in general is so much my occupation, but for me there is no “television”; there is only Mad Men. Though tonight I am going to take a Downton Abbey leap. I am looking forward to it! And I was fascinated by Thirtysomething when it was on and I was about 8 yrs old. I would very much like to watch it and get to know it as a thirty-something myself.

    • I enjoy Mad Men too and I am happy that it will be returning (after what seems like a forever hiatus!). Downton Abbey is on my list now. Fingers crossed!

      As for Thirtysomething, I was surprised how much I related to an 20 year old television series. Check it out. You’ll see it through “new” eyes.

  2. I watch Modern Family and Parks & Rec. My husband and I just got into Downton Abbey. And that’s about it! Thirtysomething sounds like something I might like actually. And what’s not to like about 80s clothes and hair? 🙂

    • I only ever catch Modern Family when I am on an airplane – that makes me sound like a jet setter but in reality it is a good indicator of how few times I have seen it. When I do watch it, I am THAT person who is laughing so hard that I am disrupting the other passengers. I want to rent the DVD set – I have a feeling that the laughs will be worth the price tag.

  3. I swear that thirtysomething is responsible for people wanting Jeeps as family vehicles but that is a topic for another day. My favorite obsessions these days are Parenthood, Body of Proof and Dancing with the Stars.

  4. I am hooked on the series Parenthood.
    There are a few reasons for this…One being that I have an Autistic son,who is also my middle child like the family on the show. Although my son is much younger I often watch this show and can identify with some concerns and worries that run through my head as he gets older.
    Second reason is that I am an only child of parents who come from large families,my Dad from 6 kids,my Mom from 5 and I have always been in constant awe of how big families run. The fights,the bonding,the friendships. Some thing I have never been able to experiance and this show shows a large extended family that fights,loves and sometimes just agrees to disagree….very cool and I hope that my kids or shouls I say I expect that my kids will grow up the same and dispite personal differences will always love and respect each other.
    I guess Parenthood is like dreamy voyeurism with a Hollywood polish…but still will find you laughing,crying and routing for the characters……

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