In the middle of March Break

What a difference a year makes.

This time last year, the boys were desperate to get outside after a long, cold winter. Theyspent a whole afternoon chipping away at the ice in front of the house so that they could play ball hockey on the first sunny, remotely warm afternoon of March break.

 This year? They’re in shorts. It’s (as I type) 17 degrees Celsius outside. As every day from here until September promises to be as reasonably balmy (if not down right hot, by July) as the last, I’m not sensing any urgency in them to get out and enjoy the weather. So, they’re crashed in front of a movie, until I rouse them in a few minutes to go for a walk.

 In case you, like us, have been lulled into a state of inertia by this unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, here are a few activities going on this week around the city. We still hope to check a few of them out:

  • At the NFB Mediatheque, visit an exhibit that explores the world without sight.  Can you see in the dark? features interactive stations where children are challenged to use their other senses to discover all the ways one can “see” without eyes. Until March 18. Drop in, $5 per child, free for accompanying adults.  (NFB Mediatheque,150 John Street,Toronto).
  • The Royal Ontario Museum has Mayan-themed activities running all week, as well as extended March Break hours. Make your own Mayan jewelry, visit with the bats, and say hi to the dinosaurs. See the ROM’s website for full details.  (100 Queen’s Park,Toronto).
  • Always free, branches of the Toronto Public Library feature March Break activities all week long. Visit your local branch for details, or visit the Toronto Public Library’s website for more information.

One thought on “In the middle of March Break

  1. So far I have went with my kids to the Can You See in the Dark exhibit and also to the ROM. I don’t know why, but they found the whole Mayan exposition kinda boring but the sensory experience was a blast for them. We spent nearly a half a day there! There are a lot more March Break events that we still want to do – for instance tomorrow if the weather will be fine we plan to go to the Zoo and on the Friday we want to check out the Botanical Gardens.

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