The Great Spring Purge

Spring has officially arrived but the unusually mild winter and early taste of summer has buffered me from my annual winter blahs.  Nonetheless, I am eager to count down the days for when I can put away the heavy coats and mittens.  Any Canadian worth their salt will tell you that it’s foolish to act too quickly.  There is always a “sprinter” storm to send winter on its way with good riddance.

There is something intoxicating about the heady spring air.  Windows open, people smile, patios overflow, and children play outside.  After the long winter people, like hibernating bears, come out from their dens.  And people really are everywhere!

“So that neighbour was pregnant!”

“Wow, the kids across the street have really sprouted!”

“The new neighbour isn’t as much as a curmudgeon as I thought!”

While most people take to the outdoors to welcome spring, I see it as a different kind of rebirth:  one of purging and organizing.

I am a regular purger and an obsessive sorter.  In the office the books are shelved according to colour and I have a system to keep paper clutter at bay that would make Peter Walsh proud.  In the playroom, the toy bins are separated into categories and neatly labeled.  Each boy has their own cubby and hook in the mudroom for mittens, hats, shoes and coats.  Getting them to follow the system is a bit more of a challenge.  Read: a giant pain in the ass that involves lots of lecturing (from me) and eyeball rolling (from them).

However, the kitchen always seems to get away from me.  With the steady traffic of kids, friends and family in our kitchen (which also doubles as our family room) the cupboards and drawers quickly become cluttered catch-alls.  It doesn’t help that the 18 month old is a compulsive drawer/cupboard emptier.  Therefore, most of the contents of our lower cupboards and drawers have been relocated to the upper “bunk”.

Top on the list is to tackle the cutlery drawer that I am embarrassed to share.  Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “The Great Spring Purge

  1. I too am a purger. This time of year makes me unbelievably happy to be shedding the junk that amasses in our house!

    One tip that I read once about cleaning up kitchen utensil clutter is to take all of your kitchen utensils and put them in a container (doesn’t matter what kind) and put that container in another room (like the dining room maybe). When you need to use one of those utensil’s, afterwards you can put it back in your cutlery drawer. After a month, if you haven’t used that utensil, you likely don’t need it, and can get rid of it 🙂

  2. I’m the same way. Insanely organized. I hide everything behind closed doors. Lookers beware! As for the kitchen, just like the Angels’ dressers, they are always being organized and re-organized. Sorry to say – it’s a never ending job 🙂

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