At Issue: Free Range Kids

A few years ago, Lenore Skenazy admitted to the world via her blog, Free Range Kids, that she allowed her nine year old to take the subway, unaccompanied by an adult, in her hometown of New York City.

To say that the response she received was overwhelming is a gross understatement.  Her honesty opened the door for critics (she has been called the World’s Worst Mom – a bit of a stretch, I’d say) and for supporters (who hail her as an opponent to the “helicopter parent”) to judge her parenting choices.

Since Ms. Skenazy’s post went viral, tv shows (including one hosted by Skenazy), news programs and too many blogs, articles and essays to count have been born discussing and debating the very subject of “free range kids”.

Free Range Kids is described by Skenazy as “a commonsense approach to parenting in these overprotective times” with the ultimate goal of raising “self-reliant” children.

For our At Issue topic this week, 4mothers will weigh in with their comments about Free Range Parenting.

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