Four Parties for a Four Year Old

Like Beth-Anne, we celebrated a child turning four this month.  Unlike Beth-Anne, who very sensibly had one big pirate party, we did it four times.

There was the party with friends, which happened on a weekend day a few days before the actual birthday.  So far, so good.  Loot bags, alligator cake, balloons, kids playing and having fun for two hours.

Then there was the actual birthday day, which fell in the middle of the week.  On the evening of an older brother’s Very Important Hockey Game.  Restaurant meal at location of birthday boy’s choice, followed by a dash to the rink.

Then, because both sides of the family could not gather on the same day to celebrate four-dom, there were two separate family parties the weekend after the birthday day.  Two more alligator cakes, two more sets of loot bags for the cousins, two more sets of kids playing and having fun for hours.

And one mother who is now suffering from alligator cake burn-out.  (Carol, you may recognize these cupcakes….)  Poor alligators look more and more washed out as I get to the third.  I was pretty green, too, by the time we’d shared three of them.


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