Amber Necklaces for Baby

It’s unusual, now that I’m three babies into my life, to learn of some natural baby-related item that I’ve not heard of before.  But it happened recently.  Upon learning that I have a baby whose sleeping habits at night are, let’s say, challenging, someone told me about amber necklaces for children.

I have always loved amber, just for its beauty, but apparently that’s not all there is to it.  The site from which I bought it offers a bit more information:

Amber is not an actual stone but rather crafted from the now fossilized resin of a tree. Initially this resin served the tree as an antibiotic that protected it from different viruses. People would at times take the resin and use it as a wound dressing to promote faster healing. Amber from the Baltic region is known to contain the highest concentrate of succinic acid which is why amber is often refered as succinite. Succinite, an ancient fossilized resin, is known as an amazing all natural healer and anti-oxidant.

I think I read somewhere that wearing the amber heats when lying against our bodies, and the heat helps to release its healing qualities.

I was a wee bit skeptical.  But you never know, and $22 seemed like a small price to pay for my (sleep) sanity, or even a lottery ticket chance at such sanity.  (There are nights when I’d consider trading my left lung for a little more rest.)  So I bought the cognac amber baby necklace (there are different shades to amber, but they all work in the same way) and put it on straightaway.

It’s been a few weeks, and I’m here to report that I haven’t noticed any real change in my baby’s sleeping patterns.  Some nights are better than others, but that was true pre-amber necklace too.  I really can’t endorse the usefulness of the necklace from my own experience.

So why am I writing about it?  Mostly because it’s not well known but could be helpful to somebody.  Some people really have had good experiences with it – I read a bunch of these voluntary reviews on the Mothering community website.  One person believed in it so strongly, it has become her go-to newborn baby gift.

Because it hasn’t worked noticeably for us, I won’t be gifting it, but I think it’s worth a try for any sleep-deprived mama.  As I said, I love amber anyway, so I have left it on my son.  It may look feminine – a little girl asked me the other day why a boy is wearing a necklace.  But my baby boys have always been mistaken for girls regardless of what they’re wearing – so much so that I have stopped correcting the error – so even if I cared about these things (which I don’t), it wouldn’t make much difference.

Plus, there’s always the possibility that the necklace is making some small, unappreciable improvement, or will do so in the future.  If it gives me one additional minute of sleep, I’ll take it.

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11 thoughts on “Amber Necklaces for Baby

  1. I know so many little boys who wear amber necklaces and their mummies swear by them! As a Mum of a great sleeper…just not for long periods of time…I had considered it but reading your review confirmed my intuition. I think our nights of broken sleep are just part of the long haul of being a parent. I am leaning toward thinking acceptance is the answer, not amber.

    Nice post! I am a relatively new blogger but I will be around again to see what is happening with you.

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Silver is elegant and can be dressed up or casual. A set of silver bangles would look great and maybe a black bracelet too. A necklace that is silver with maybe something black on it. That would look FAB! Hope you have fun with it! What is the attraction to gold or silver jewellery? For a long time women especially have worn gold or silver and it always seems popular. I understand wearing perfume to attrach someone through smell and make up to alter the face – but what does jewellery actually do? Interested to hear mens thoughts too – is it a “turn on” or don’t you notice?. No idea.. I personally hate jewellery. What kinda jewellery should go with a orange dress with silver work on it? The base of the dress is orange and has a heavy Silver work on its blouse and the belt of the skirt. . . I was wondering to get a different look. So any one of you can suggest something with which i look a bit different. I mean should i go for more orange or more silver in the jewellery. And somebody also suggested Ruby wud look good with orange-silver combination. What do u guys say?. Its a pure orangy orange colour dress. In jewellery…Looking for ear-rings and something for neck.. Well, I work in tailoring and fashion design in Aspen, CO.. . So, my answer largely depends on the specific shade of orange you’re referring to. A red-orange, ruby would pick up some of the red tones in the fabric, and work well.. . Blue is the opposite of orange, so something in sapphire or topaz, perhaps even aquamarine would work well. Emeralds/other green stones, too.. . Pretty much, the jewellery you wear is supposed to complement the garments as well as provide a little ‘pop’ or contrast. I’d primarily focus on silver metals, but in the color of the stones/enamel, etc. is where the choice ultimately resides with you, and I’d trust your own fashion judgement. If you think it looks good, go with it.. . Good luck. How to select and purchase gemstones and make jewellery at home? How do I go about making my own jewellery? Hi, I want to get creative & make some of my own jewellery, where can i buy simple gold/silver chains really cheaply?. . Thanks =). as well as little accessories?. Ebay. . In Cambridge we have an amazing new craft shop that sells loads of jewellery stuff; see if there is such a place near you. I want to start running jewellery parties and I need some ideas for good jewellery add on items! Any Ideas? I thought about jewellery cleaning cloths and I was wondering if you could think of any other simple cheap items like that, Like impulse items (eg. chocolate in the isles at a supermarket etc.) Thanks in advance for your help.. Actually my spelling is correct, it’s the Australian version. The same as mum and mom they’re both right.. How do you clean gold jewellery without jewellery cleaner? The pendant is made of both gold and onyx. How can I clean my necklace without buying jewellery cleaner? Is there anything I can use at home?. You are best to avoid commercial jewellery cleaners as they may damage the gemstone. . . I would get a large bowl of cool or just warm water with a couple of drops of MILD detergent (just drops not squirts!). Mix it around. Place the necklace in the water and leave for a few minutes. Then with an old soft toothbrush, clean gently but thoroughly around each stone, link etc., Take your time 🙂 Then rinse under fresh cold water and leave on a paper towel to dry. How likely is a jewellery store to sell old, recycled jewellery? I don’t mean a pawn shop, but a real jewellery store. . Is it likely for jewellery stores to claim their jewellery is new, but really they are recycled?. . Maybe they melt things down and change it, like ring to pendant…but is it likely for gemstones to have been worn by other people?. How to start an online imitation jewellery business? I want to start an online Jewellery business but am not sure how to do it. I know I have to buy goods from wholesale, then post on ebay and sell. I do not know of any good jewellery wholeseller. Can anyone give me good ideas on this business.. Where can I buy good quality but inexpensive Diamante Jewellery on the internet? What sort of jewellery would you wear with a black bodycon lace dress? Ive got a christmas ball next thursday and im wearing my mum’s engagement dress. Its a short, black, bodycon lace dress. What kind of jewellery would you put with it?. I thought pearls would look nice. Mother didnt think so, then again ive never taken any fashion advice off her, not going to start now am i haha! just earrings then?. Pearl earrings and nothing else, lace is such an intricate pattern and material that most jewelry looks too much. What types of jewellery can you wear in a forward helix piercing? i have heard you can wear all sorts of things including nose studs! can you tell me what i can actually wear so i don’t waste my money on jewellery that wont work/ fit.. . Thanks :). I preferred to wear personalized jewelry. How do I sell my handmade jewellery to retail stores or dress shops ? I create handmade way jewelry and I have gross tons of it. I have been selling them to friends and family but like a shot I want to venture out to betray my jewellery at stores and boutiques. How do I get started ?. How should I go about buying some second hand jewellery, tips enyone? I would like some nice pieces of jewellery couple of gold rings, a necklace perhaps and maybe a nice bracelet. But high street prices are just out of the question. Anyone got any tips about buying second hand stuff?. Ooops I meant Anyone…. Check out markets and Car boot sales. . . Also Antique markets, these are good for all sorts of jewellery.. . My partner has bought loads of peices at Antique markets and Car boot sales. How can i register a company name for a jewellery selling business? Me and my partner are setting up a jewellery selling business, we are a bit unsure of the things we need to do to get started. We have a name so we need to register the name but we are not sure which website to go to for this so it is legitimate. There seem to be so many. Also do we need to register with companies house? Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.. What’s the hestxway to clean sterling silver jewellery? I left a lot of my silver jewellery out and the sun got it and tarnished it. I tried cleaning it in a liquid jewellery cleaner a couple of times but my jewellery is still very yellowy. What’s the best way to rectify it?. Soak overnight in coca cola is good remedy also when we were young we would shine silver coins using cigarette ash, that really worked! How to start retail jewellery business? I am planning to start my own retail silver jewellery business in UK. i have contacts with manufacturers in india. my question is where should i start from in UK? how to do marketing? get oreders etc?. How about becoming a seller on ebay, it’s a good starting point and its easy to check out the competition. . Also a friend of my sister ordered goods from china (jewelry bags etc) and had parties where people could buy items- it went really well because the prices were so good. Where can I Buy Materials to Make Jewellery to Sell within my Business? How many items of jewellery for a market stall? I make beaded jewellery and have been thinking of selling them at an arts and craft market, how many pieces should i make before i can get started?. Where can I get a body piercer to change my jewellery in brisbane? Hi. . I am having some trouble removing my internally threaded nipple barbell, and wondered where I could go in the Brisbane (pref cbd) area to get help to change it. I don’t mind paying! Obvs would need to buy the jewellery too.. . Thanks :). I was actually after recommendations as I am new to the area… I went into one place on the Gold Coast and they said they wouldn’t do it as they didn’t pierce it!. any body piercing parlour What or who is the best place to turn my jewellery into cash? I have a luxury men’s watch that I don’t wear and I’m interested in turning it into cash by getting it appraised and then selling it to a jewellery company that buys watches. The watch is a Bernoulli Gents Triune Automatic Multi-Function watch with a black leather strap and black-rose gold dial. What is the best place online to turn this watch into cash?. Plato’s closet but they’ll give you shyt. How do i tell the difference between steel and titanium jewellery that look exactly the same? use a magnet…pure titanium is not magnetic. What to get a person that enjoys jewellery making for xmas? Why and when did people start wearing jewellery? How the purpose of wearing jewellery has changed over the centuries? Why do people wear jewellery ? why and when did people start wearing jewel?. What is the best way to clean green marks from antique jewellery? I have an antique necklace, it is costume jewellery so I don’t think it’s made of a precious metal. It has quite a few green marks on it and I would like to find out the best way to remove them without damaging the necklace, thanks.. I have found this article useful for your case:. . No doubt you’ve heard that the best method for cleaning jewellery is toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Well, Grandma was right; it’s still the best way, but did you know that different gemstones react differently to perfumes, dyes, and the elements? Learn not only how to clean your jewellery, but how to wear it for optimal longetivity, as well.. . Always use a soft cloth to dry after cleaning jewellery, and a soft toothbrush with toothpaste, not tooth gel or anything fancy, to clean your gemstones, silver, and gold. Pearls are porous, and can absorb perfumes and hair dye, so always put on your pearls after you have sprizted yourself with the evening perfume, and try not to wear pearls if you’ve recently had your hair dyed, wait at least four shampooing just to be on the safe side. Never use a solution to soak your pearls, simply scrub them lightly with the toothbrush and rinse, using a soft cloth to pat dry.. . Bar soap and even some toothpaste can leave a dull coating on diamonds. You can soak these all you want, but use a light mixture of baking soda and water to help dissolve any build up and keep them sparkling.. . Ultrasonic commercial gem cleaners are supposed to be the easy and economical way to clean jewellery, but they can actually crack softer gems like pearls, agates, or amber. If you own a commercial container for cleaning jewellery, use it for hard stones like diamonds only.. . Opals tend to get greasy. They are formed from silicon dioxide and water, hardening over a long period of time, so they can crack easily and collect dust from the oils on your skin. You can achieve this jewellery cleaning by simply wiping them off with warm water and –if they are very dirty–mild soap. Typically only warm water is needed. The important thing to remember about keeping opals nice is how you store them. Because they are very vulnerable to temperature changes, keeping your opals in a temperature controlled environment, such as a fabric bag where they will not be exposed to extreme hot or cold, or be knocked around next to your other jewellery, is the best storage choice.. . Heavily tarnished silver jewellery can be cleaned with commercial silver cleaner, but only use it sparingly and wipe it off immediately. Most silver jewellery doesn’t need that intense cleaning, though, and you can use a mild soap and soft cloth. To keep silver jewellery from tarnishing, store it in a sealed plastic bag–like a Ziploc bag–between wearing.. . The pricier the gold, the softer it is. Cleaning gold jewellery by using a soft cloth and very mild soap is the best way, although the best part of gold is that it doesn’t tarnish. You’ll only have to clean gold jewellery once in awhile, as in the wedding ring you wear everyday and is exposed to the dirt and grime that your hands are in. As soft as it is, gold is extremely resilient. I want to were more jewelry because I like never wear any and I like long necklaces and I am not really sure what kind I should buy. Please post pictures of jewelry that you think I would like.. I like rock music and I am into hoodies and I love Aeropostale.. and im a girl lol anyway thanks :). are lab created gemstones ok? are they considered cheap? and ive seen many lab created topaz in jewelry stores but i just read that its a lie because they dont make lab topaz and they are fake. can anyone clarify this?. How to clean cheap costume jewelry made of metal? Is there a way to clean costume jewelry or a cleaner? What does tarnished jewelry say about your home? I recently moved to a new place and some jewelry of mine is beginning to look very tarnished and I remember hearing that if your jewelry is tarnishing at a very fast rate there could be a potential problem with your home. Please help! Thanks.. If your jewelry is silver, the tarnish on it is the chemical black silver sulphide. This means that there is some sulphur compounds in the air around you. This is normal, in that silver always does get this black deposit which will clean off with silver polish. However, the more sulphur compounds in the air, the quicker the tarnishing. So I ask if you are in an industrial area, or near a factory which could be releasing sulphurous compounds ( such as sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide) via smoke? What type of jewelry is best for a belly button piercing? How is silver jewelry packed by Amazon and other online companies? I am planning to purchase silver jewelry online and send it directly to my girlfriend. Does anyone know how the jewelry is packaged? Is it in a nice pouch? Box? Just wrapped in a bubble wrap? I would appreciate any specific answer I can get. Thanks!. Depends on the seller through Amazon.. It’s usually true UPS, so it’s in a plastic envelope. Sometimes they’ll send it in a cardboard box. You can ask for it to be gift wrapped though.. . From other companies, it depends if it’s a high end jewlery company (like Tiffany & Co.) or a low quality one.. . You’d be better off receiving the package, and wrapping it yourself to make sure it looks perfect for her. =]. . If that’s not an option, just speak to the seller or e-mail the company before they ship it off. How do you remove smoke smell from jewelry? How do you remove cigarette smoke from jewelry? Does anyone know how to without making the jewelry smell like the cleaner? The jewelry is costume jewelry made from pot metal and alloys not gold or silver so the metal is more porous and delicate.. I don’t smoke. I bought it this way and am trying to avoid returning it.. If you know a successful way please let me know.. I don’t smoke. I bought it from a smoker and need to get it clean.. I bought baking soda, lets see how it goes.. Although vinegar is a grease cutter it can also corode metal so I can’t use it.. throw it into a bag of baking soda for a night. in the morning, take it out and either shake it off (if it doesn’t have a bunch of detail and no baking soda is stuck in any holes or anything), rinse it off (if you can get it wet, i’m no tsure about pot metal), use a dry paintbrush to get the rest of the baking soda off, or use a can of compressed air. The baking soda *should* deodorize it and make the smell go away. What type of pictures make you want to buy jewelry? I am a jewelry designer who is in the process of updating my website. When you shop online for jewelry what is most important to you? Do you want pictures of the jewelry only, or pictures of jewelry on a model so you can see how the jewelry looks on a person? Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance for your input.. Extreme closeups.. Have one picture with the model and one with a closeup of the jewelry. What kind of jewelry should i buy my girlfirend of two months for christmas? I have been dating this girls for two months now and I am crazy about her. I want to buy her something nice like jewelry, for christmas. By the time christmas comes we will have been dating for four months. If I get her jewelry, what kind should I get her. i cannot decide between a necklace or a ring. is it too early for a ring? thanks.. Well, it may be just a little bit early for a ring, but what’s most important is the way you feel about her. I think a necklace would probably be the most appropriate and safest bet at this time. The ring can come later! There’s always Valentines Day and her birthday down the road. Good luck!. . How to keep jewelry from moving inside a gift box? So my husband and I bought a set of matching ear rings, necklace, and bracelet for my mother in law for Christmas. We got them pretty cheap for real jewelry at a liquidation sale and they were put inside bags. We bought some gift boxes from walmart and tissue paper to wrap them in. It would work fine except if the box is moved around the jewelry will slide out of place. I don’t want to tape it cause I think that will look crappy. Any suggestions on how to keep them in place ?. get a smaller box. How to wear jewelry to compliment your look? How do I turn my fake jewelry back to its original state after it changes color? I am obsessed with fashion jewelry. I have spent so much money on it instead of buying the real thing and it lasting long, I go out and buy fashion jewelry over and over because I have to always replace it. . My question is: Is there something I can do to turn my jewelry back to its original state? I believe its made out of a copper so how can I make it look silver again once it turns color?. have it silver plated again at local jewelry store but the cost of plating would cost your another new item. Keep your jewelry items clean and dry all the time so that it can stay longer What jewelry goes with dark turquoise prom dress? I am trying to figure out what color jewelry and what makeup works best for my prom look. I have a dark turquoise prom dress with allover turquoise/green/purple beading. I have very fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. Looking for what color bracelets/earrings/rings would go with my dress and features…I’m not planning on wearing a necklace because my dress has a criss-cross style neck. Any help is appreciated!. try dark purple . gold. green. pink How can I find good chinese jewelry suppliers? I have a new jewelry store and want to wholesale jewelry from china,But I don’t know how to do,can anybody tell me how can I find good jewelry suppliers?If use search engine,what’s the keywords should I use?Thank you very much.. What jewelry goes with a cream-colored dress? I’ve got a formal cream-colored gown I’m planning to wear to a gala event. What kind of jewelry can I wear with it? I think pearls might clash since they’re white, but could I do pearl drop earrings since they’ll be farther from the dress? Does a gold necklace work? Any other suggestions?. What jewelry do they ususally pierce the tragus with? When they pierce the tragus, what jewelry do they use? Is it always with a hoop, or could I get it pierced with a diamon stud? I want to get my tragus done but I don’t want the hoop, I want the stud.. . Thanks!. What does being a jewelry designers job entail? I want to know about like the people that draw up the designs for the jewelry not the people who make it. I wanted to know after you draw up your designs where do you take them? To like a jewelry store? I don’t know, I also wanted to know around how much money you make doing that? Thank you.. What is the best jewelry store to sell your unwanted jewelry? I’m trying to sell some unwanted jewelry, but I have no idea which place is the best to sell them at. Is there a place near me (Union City, CA) that’s good and does it have a website?. What is the best jewelry CAD software in terms of ease of learning and creating good designs to manufacture? What jewelry is used in a vertical labret piercing? I know you need a curved barbell, but the only kind I see is for eyebrows. Is this the same jewelry? Can I buy an eyebrow ring for a replacement vertical labret barbell?. What is the best jewelry for a nose piercing? cork screw 🙂 it wont fall out or anythin. What jewelry stores can turn a polished rock into a necklace pendant? I have a polished rock that I would like to be able to wear as a necklace. Is there any jewelry stores, like James Avery, that could do that? And the store would need to be in the Houston/Sugar Land area in Texas. And how much would that cost?. What kind of body jewelry can be used in a tragus piercing? What jewelry has the highest resale amount? I know jewelry is not a way to make money as far as reselling it. With that said what types of jewelry gets the most amount back if it does come to selling it? Gold, silver, diamonds? Type of jewelry – rings or bracelets?. What color jewelry would look best with a brown dress? Look at the details for more specific information? Of the two choices, gold. But I’d prefer a rose gold to yellow gold. Or copper. How do you keep all your jewelry organized? Ok, I have a lot of jewelry: long and short necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, belly button rings, and other body piercing jewelry too!. I have a jewelry box but it seems to be shrinking because it’s not big enough to store all my jewelry now.?.So, I end up keeping a lot of the jewelry laying all around the jewelry box, but not in it and it’s a big mess!. Any suggestions of what to do and how to keep in nice and organized?. necklaces: i hang my necklaces on belt racks i bought at home depot. earrings and other body jewelry: i keep these separated in ice cube trays. bracelets: in the closet organizing section of lowes they sell drawer organizers, these work well to store bangle type bracelets Q for jewelry makers: How do they put holes in really tiny beads? I’m making some jewelry and using small, round beads made of jasper, quartz, agate, etc. Does anyone know how they drill such small holes? Are there actually drill bits that tiny, or do they use lasers or what?. They are drillied with diamond bits, usually before they are rolled into beads. They cut cylinders, drill them and then cut and tumbled into beads. Some finer pieces are individually jug drilled. Remember that the holes are rough insie usually, that is why they will cut normal thread etc.. ENJOY!!. . Been doing lapidary work many years What is the average pay rate for a jewelry polisher? I was debating on whether or not to take this job at the jewelry store right down the road from me but I can’t find any information about the average pay rate for an entry-level jeweler position as a jewelry polisher. The store I was looking at is a corporate jewelry store, if that means anything. Can anyone help?. What is the difference between resin and epoxy jewelry? I know there is epoxy resin jewelry, but is there pure resin jewelry that you pour into models? And for epoxy jewelry, do you use only epoxy or do you have to mix stuff with it?. What is the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to clean glass pipes? I’m wondering what the best kind of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner would be for the purposes of cleaning glass “tobacco” pipes that have some resin built up on them. I have heard of people using the jewelry cleaners that vibrate to clean their pipes; however, I am uncertain as to which ones are the best for this type of usage. Any input is appreciated.. . Thanks!. How can you tell if jewelry is real gold? I inherited my grandmother’s jewelry. Some of it is very obviously costume jewelry but other pieces look like they may be gold. How can you know (without going to a jeweler) if something is gold, gold filled, gold plated etc? Is “gold filled” valuable?. How can I clean my jewelry at home? Tooth paste and tooth brush does a really good and safe job. How do you clean silver jewelry? How do you clean silver jewelry w/o buying a fancy jewelry cleaning unit? I need to get rid of the tarnish.. What kind of jewelry is appropriate for men? I’m wondering what kind of jewelry women find appropriate for men before it’s considered too flashy or metrosexual? Titanium rings and the like?. Wedding ring = Totally Okay. Attractive watch = Totally Okay. Tie Tack = Totally Okay. . Class Ring = Okay. Cuff Links = Okay. . One Small chain = Maybe Okay. One Small stud or hoop earing = Maybe Okay. . Charm bracelet = Never okay. Anklet = Never okay. Toe Ring = Never okay. . Dangle Earings = Now your Gay. Belly Chain = Now your Gay. . —–. The “manly men” of the Midwest may not even wear a wedding ring. As past generations were busy working with their hands, a ring would get dirty or in the way. Jewelry was to “dainty” for a man. Sometimes for a woman too.. . So keep that in mind when you are job hunting that some people are coming from the ULTRA conservative side of things on that issue. If you want a job at a bank, don’t wear anything but a watch and your wedding band.. . I think for main stream corporate America Watch, wedding band, a chain and either a class ring or tie tack is as far as I would push it.. . Anything else starts to look a little “fancy” What is the best direct sales jewelry company? I have been looking into different direct sales jewelry companies and I’m having a hard time deciding which way to go. I’m looking at the all the factors such as start-up cost, commission, quality, price, variety and customer service. I like the Cookie Lee plan and the lady who I would be signing under is willing to help me get started with little to no money but I’m not sure about the quality of the jewelry. I’m looking for a company that will give high commission and satisfaction. Something that the customers really want to buy and will repeat buy. Any suggestions or comments on these companies?. What kind of jewelry do they put in when they first pierce your nose? When you go in to get your nostril pierced, what kind of jewelry do they put in? A hoop or bone/stud/screw?. They’ll probably give you the option of a stud or a hoop. (: How do I sell my handmade jewelry to retail stores or boutiques? I make handmade fashion jewelry and I have tons of it. I have been selling them to friends and family but now I want to venture out to sell my jewelry at stores and boutiques . How do I get started?. Do you already have your business name?. Shop around and see what other handmade jewelry looks like, as well as how much it is selling for. You want to make sure that you are pricing your product properly, and make sure that it is marketable. How is your jewelry different than others(this is what you should ask and answer yourself)?. After that, I would look into a resellers license. . From that point, I would create my own contract(you can find consignment contract forms online),this is for small shops.. Then,after that with business cards, brochures (all made at home or Vista Print) market your product and approach shops about your product. As you go, you will learn more.. Write down your goals and you can accomplish them!!. . Hope this helps.. Something personalized always makes a great gift. What piece of jewelry is the most popular today? BIG necklaces and long earrings What kind of jewelry is suitable to wear with a strapless dress? i am wearing a dark blue strapless dress for a cocktail party. the dress is plain but its not cheap looking. what type of jewelry should i wear with it?. Statement earring and a bracelet. I say this because the point of a strapless dress is to show off the shoulders and neckline, which in my opinion make a lady more open and approachable! How to make jewelry to fit a certain gemstone? My history teacher gives out real gems when we get the highest score on his tests, and I’ve recently gotten one myself. I picked out my moms favorite color because her birthday is soon, and was wondering how I could go about getting a necklace or a ring to put the stone inside?. Should I just go to a jewelry shop and ask them to put the stone inside one? Or…?. It’s around the size of a pinkie nail, if that makes much a difference, and looks like an average birth stone.. Thanks for the feedback!. Yeah, take it to a pro. Otherwise it’ll look half fast… How do you find/order from jewelry manufacturers overseas? I would like to open a wholesale jewelry store. How do I find jewelry manufacturers overseas so that I can order in huge bulks? Do I need to order through a broker? Any information on this topic would be helpful. Thanks.. try finding contacts thru ebay How can I start an online jewelry business? I’ve been making jewelry for a long time. Currently I sell it to friends and family, but have been told many times that I should give online a shot. I have experience designing web pages and would have a lot of fun doing something like that. I just don’t know the business side of it, like how to receive payments, do I need a license, and things like that. Also, I have thought about ebay but I’m not sure that it would be a good idea. I put a lot of money and time into my jewelry, and would probably charge more than people would be willing to pay on ebay.. I looked up dreamweaver and it’s really expensive! What other web design software can I use?. What kind of jewelry should I leave in after I stretch my ears for the first time? I want to stretch my ears, and I’ve done a lot of searching online but I haven’t found a lot of answers. Some people say to use tapers, others say to use weights. What should I use to initially stretch my ears? Should I leave in acrylic, glass, or stainless steel jewelry after I do it?. How do I start my own jewelry business? I want to make my own jewelry, like beaded necklaces and bracelets with heavy crosses that have rhinestones and other pendants on them. Where can I find a good jewelry supplier catalog? Or an online supplier? And also, how would I go about pricing the pieces? Google didn’t work. If you can help me out that would be awesome!. How can I find out the jewelry company that made my ring? I have this silver ring that I love and my mom wants one bad. I want to give it to her as a gift. The problem is that I got it at a show from a silver vendor. I have looked for it at all the jewelry stores in my area and no one has it. One store looked in several catalogs but we couldn’t find it. There is a hallmark stamp but the jeweler was not familiar it. They said I may be able to search online in a jewelry trademark directory to find the manufacturer and then they would be willing to order it for me if I can’t buy direct. I don’t know where to look. I looked at the US trademark website but couldn’t find it. The jeweler said there is an online guide somewhere because not all hallmarks are registered nationally but instead is used to identify the company, artist etc. If I can’t find it, I will have to leave the ring so they can do a search.. How can i start my own jewelry business? I have a great idea for a jewelry business but every time i do any research on how to jump start this business, i am essentially told how to string beads (which is beautiful but not quite the direction my idea is going in). I have a great concept but am not a jewelry maker and am therefor at a loss as to what to do next. Any ideas??. I would first write your idea down to get an idea of how you want to have your business. You didn’t say if it was an on line business or not. You could start with Etsy but remember it is for stuff you made yourself. It is the cheapest and there are alot of forums by way more experienced artist than us to draw on for advice. The shop is as big as you want and you can have sections. They push your pictures out to Google for free and also sell tiny blocks of advertising. If you don’t have money to really invest Etsy is the way to go. You can also have a blog about what you do. Make business cards and bring your jewelry to the office and where ever you go. I carry mine in stackable trays that fit in carrying cases that I can also bring to shows. Also offer to restring and repair jewelry in your job and neighborhood. Go to local church fairs and flea markets. Its all by word of mouth. Make sure your jewelry is really finished well and can be magnified if you are on line. You certainly don’t want defects in workmanship to show up when you publish your work! Also watch what the girls wear in the office. Look at the colors and the styles they wear. Just make sure you bring stuff that you know will match their clothing and style. Do you have the fake boob girls in your office? Bring long necklaces that go between the boobs. Do you have loud girls? Bring loud jewelry. Do you have quiet girls that wear understated jewelry? Bring understated jewelry. Are you all on a budget? Bring affordable jewelry. Judge the market you are dealing with at hand to start your business and then branch out and target what you desire to reach. Your best friend is word of mouth. Your best friend is being a good listener even when its good or bad. :). Kathy I make fashion jewelry. How can i include my signature on my work? I make Fashion jewelry, and I want to know, after i make the different pieces, how can i advertise my signature or logo onto the necklace? Or is that a good idea?. on a piece (like a ring) make a signature like a fancy symbol… ETC How would you start marketing handmade jewelry? My mom makes handmade jewelry out of sterling silver and natural stones, and most recently enamel. She is always receiving complements on her pieces, and has had one bracelet featured in a jewelry magazine, as well as a few pieces in galleries. But she wants to start selling them on a larger basis, how could she start doing that? Does anyone know where she can find a representative? Thanks!. hey, thank you so much for responding, your answers were very helpful!. What can you do with body jewelry you can no longer wear? Over the years I have amassed a large collection of body jewelry, most of which I can no longer wear. I would like to get rid of the majority of it, but cannot sell it through the various auction/marketplace sites (for obvious reasons). Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to unload used body jewelry and possibly make some cash at the same time?. Sell it on eBay so that you can get lots of money for it. People on eBay will pay lots of money for stuff like that. But before you give it to someone else, make sure you wash it a bunch of times to get all the germs off. I don’t have my ears pierced, but would like to wear earrings with my homcoming dress. Any websites or stores that have cute clip ons or magnetic ones.. Claire’s has super cute magnetic earrings. They are reasonable too. You couldn’t even tell they were fake!!! Ok – I got my ears peirced and now I can change them. I’m afraid to put them in and out, and my sister changed her post earrings to the dangly kind, and our earlobes are kind of thick and she couldn’t find the end of the hole, so she put the dangly earring in the wrong angle and almost poked another hole! Tell me whatever you know about peirced ears.. mabe wait on the fish hook earrings, but try soaking your ears in hot water before putting in the earring (or right after a shower) I have no idea where to find really awesome earrings. Not Claires, theirs are cheapy. But… Just really rad earrins 😀 thanks for any suggestions!!. ahh i think not. they accentuate your face IMO. =]. duchess coco: those are beautiful! thats kinda the stuff i was lookin for, waaay too expensive tho, but thanks! =). What type of earrings are used to peirce ears ? I wanted to get my ears pierced. Honestly, professional places are hella expensive, but I have a friend who has a piercing gun. I was planning to give her an earring to peirce my ear with, but what type of earring should i give her ?. . i know that the earring should be real,. but where i can i get cheap earrings that is less likely to cause infection ?. can i use walmart earrings ?. regular stud earrings ?. First piercing: What are post earrings? When can I start wearing earrings that dangle? I just got my ears pierced and I can change my earrings in two weeks, but apparently I’m only supposed to wear post earrings until it’s been six months? Are post earrings the same as studs? When can I start wearing dangly/heavier earrings?. What kind of metal should my earrings be made out of? I dont have a huge sensitivity to Claire’s earrings, but they can make my ears itchy. I dont have a problem with the gold earrings they initially pierced my lobes with.. I’m getting my helix pierced soon (at a professional piercing place) and i was curious if i should take any caution to the metal the earrings are made out of. Or is it that claire’s earrings are cheap and poor quality.. Also when im buying earrings what metal should they be made out of? Any additional info?. You can also get earrings with posts made from surgical steel. What kind of earrings can you use in your tragus? I already know about labret earrings, what other earrings can you use for your tragus? And are there special earrings for it?. Google, then answer.. i have a cute diamond stud. its really small which i like and has a flat back so i can still listen to headphones, etc.. its surgical steel and is inserted through the back, the diamond part is screwed in after its inserted How do I make my starter earrings more removable? They shouldn’t be hard to take off. Just try pulling one side and holding the other or try twisting it off. If nothing works then just go to a professional piercing shop. What size are the earrings they pierce your cartilage with at claires? Don?t get it from claires, Im begging you.. They did my friends ear, and their material isn?t clean, also they tend to get it crooked. How do I stick stud earrings on a teddy bear as a surprise gift to my gf? Be careful. If the stud is too small or the ear is too thick, it will ruin the earrings. My suggestion? If you are going to do it, stick the ears with a needle first and twist them enough that there is a big enough hole in the ears for the stud to slide in. What kind of earrings can you choose from for ear lobe piercings? When you have your ear lobe pierced, what kinds of earrings can you choose from? I don’t want some boring little fake gemstone earrings if you know what I mean. Thanks!. If you are getting piercings in your ears, you can usually choose from several different earrings, some of which are those boring little fake gemstone ones, but that depends on where you go to get your earlobes pierced. Of course, you can always take the earrings out and put in different ones, but only after your earholes have then completed growing and won’t start to bleed or get infected. You can always go buy your own pair, but they have to be thicker, for the first time piercing. Afterward, you can’t wear them anymore, so don’t bother about anything expensive or really special. Is there a difference between normal earrings and cartilage earrings? I got my cartilage pierced today, and she used just a regular lobe earring and said I just use regular earrings in my cartilage. I always thought there was a difference though, or is there not?. As a professional piercer myself i can assure you that all is fine 🙂 The only time you will see different jewellery being used is if you have opted to have the piercing done with a needle and specifically asked for a ring or some other form of jewellery as these cannot be placed into a gun.. Hope this helps 🙂 How soon can I start wearing different pairs of earrings? What kind of earrings will make my nose look a little bit less wide and sharpen my features? I think my nose is a little too wide in comparison to my lips (the tip and the sides, the bridge is okay)..what kind of earrings will make it look narrower? . . Also, I want my face to look just a little more chiseled and sharp (contoured), what earrings will create this effect? Thanks!. earings will take attention away, Larger dangling angular shapes, Makeup can give you shade and highlight for your features. What type of earrings look good with multiple ear piercings? I recently got a a third hole in each ear. They are all just on each ear lobe, and I am wondering what kind of earrings would look good together. I generally just wear studs. Should I stick with a certain color combination or the same earri
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