Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband.  You are a tremendous father and I feel so lucky to be on this journey of life with you.  I love you more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.

And after reading these interviews, you will know (even more so) how much your boys love you!  Thanks to Defining Motherhood for the inspiration.

What is daddy’s job?

(4 year old) Going to work.  He works there.  And he looks at papers with letters.

(5 year old) To go to work and make money.

What is daddy made of?

(4 year old) He starts with the letter D and he is made out of plasticine.  That’s what people get made of when they get borned.  Bones and plasticine.

(5 year old) Skin.

What kind of little boy was daddy?

(4 year old) The same way he is now.  Just little.

(5 year old) He was really little and bad.  He swung on a chandelier.  He did that!

What did daddy need to know about mommy before he married her?

(4 year old) The man has to talk.

(5 year old) He had to be nice to her.

Why did daddy marry mommy?

(4 year old) So you guys can drive around together.

(5 year old) Because he was being kind to you.

Who’s the boss at our house?

(4 year old) Mommy and Daddy.  But when Angel is here, she’s the boss.

(5 year old) Daddy.  He’s the tallest.

What’s the difference between moms and dads?

(4 year old) Mommies make sure that kids are safe.  Daddies go to work so we can buy kid things like movies and gum.

(5 year old) One’s a girl and one’s a boy.

What does daddy do in his spare time?

(4 year old) Takes care of us and makes us breakfast.

(5 year old) He does nice things for us.

If daddy was a superhero/movie character/book character, which one would he be?

(4 year old)  Batman because his favourite colour is blue.  Adam West wore the blue suit.

(5 year old) Batman, because that’s his favourite superhero.  

What should we celebrate about dad on father’s day?

(4 year old)  That he’s good at making stuff.  Ummmmm, hmmmmm.  That’s all I want to say about that.

(5 year old)  We should celebrate that dad gets us stuff from Dollarama.

What would it take to make daddy perfect?

(4 year old) He needs to make sure that mommy is safe too.

(5 year old) Nothing.  He’s perfect enough.

If you could change one thing about daddy, what would it be?

(4 year old) Nuffing.  I love everything about daddy.

(5 year old) Nothing because he does a lot of nice things.

What’s your favourite thing about dad?

(4 year old)  He helps us make forts.  He makes good ones.

(5 year old) He takes good care of us.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. I did this with my two last night so we could present it to Grady on father’s day. Oh what a laugh we had. These exercises are priceless!!
    Great responses!!

  2. Amazing! Still laughing that he married you to be kind to you!! I love your boys and this idea. So fun…

    • It’s so cute to hear their answers. The best part is when I seem them really thinking hard about what they want to say. It’s also surprising to hear what really resonates with them. Clearly, Dollerama is a hit at our house!

  3. So cute! I’m going to video my kiddos answering these questions for my hubby on Father’s Day! Thanks for the idea!

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