Best of The Blogosphere #4

This may come as a surprise but one of my favourite blogs to read is Life In the Boomer Lane.  It’s a hilarious account of Renee’s observations about life as an aging boomer.  Her recent post, Finding the Perfect Swimsuit, will have you laughing out loud and forwarding it on to your mother.

I admit that I can lose perspective and start whining away about some ill-perceived hardship.  When I find myself throwing a pity party featuring me as the guest of honor, I think about the Mallory family who were featured on Sheridan French’s popular blog.  For a story that is truly inspirational and that will leave you feeling nothing but grateful for the positives in your life, click here.

A few months ago I was reading my youngest Goodnight Moon.  As we turned the pages, my mind kept wandering – after five years of this story, I feel as though I could read it with my eyes closed – and I began to think about what kind of life did Margaret Wise Brown have?  Stormy was recently featured on BlogHer and her post about the lives of famed children’s book authors had me wishing that Brown, Munsch, Sendak, Suess, Potter and Alcott were all marooned on an island together.  Now that’s a reality tv show I would want to see!

Have you ever wondered how many people share your birthday is?  What about your children’s?  Simply Stylish Mom posted this birthday chart on her blog that shows you at a glance how popular your special day is.

And for all you mini-van cruisers out there . . . this one is for you!

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