The 4 Mothers Community and the Stories We Shape

As you know from our About Page, the 4 Mothers met in a writing course, and when the course was over, we wanted to stay together.  So we decided to create a blog.  Two years later, and that blog is one of the happiest corners of the internet for me.  Although I am often on the computer past midnight, I never read the posts scheduled by Beth-Anne, Carol or Marcelle.  I prefer to save the other mothers’ posts as a morning gift.

And that’s what the blog amounts to for me: a gift.  It is not always easy to make sure that we have material for each day of the work week, to fit our writing in around the millions of other things we have to do, but doing that writing and reading what the Other Mothers write is always rewarding.  I love how they offer me a new perspective on parenting.  We are all university educated, and so have much in common, but it is our differences that I find so enriching.  The Other Mothers stretch my thinking, make me challenge my assumptions, and are always a generous audience.

4mothers1blog has also given me the gift of taming into narrative the chaotic flux of the life of a mother.  It helps me enormously to rein some aspect of the overwhelming work of being a mother into a short meditation, memory or opinion.  Motherhood is process; writing is product, with a beginning, middle and end.  I find it enormously satisfying to shape bits and pieces of our lives into something with a coherent narrative arc.  God knows the sibling squabbles never end.  I have to find closure somewhere!

Happy Birthday, 4mothers1blog.  And many thanks for the gifts you give.

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