Where You Are is Where It’s At

One of the cool features of our blogging platform is the little counter that lets us see where you, our readers, are located. While I’ve not figured out the correlation between certain posts and particular locations, (who knew our recipes would be so popular in India last week?!?) reviewing these stats reminds me that we’re read by an increasingly diverse and global audience.

So hello, to our friends in the US and Canada, who by far make up the bulk of our readers.  United Kingdom, India and Australia? We’re glad you’re here.  Our friends in Germany, Ireland and Poland have been quiet of late, but they’re next on our stats list. Nice to see you all.

To our readers in the Cayman Islands, Estonia, Thailand, Vietnam and Bulgaria, among others: we see you out there, too. There aren’t many of you, we know, but it’s nice to know you’re there.

On any given day, we’re visited by readers from between 20 and 30 different countries.  While we’re a very Toronto-centric (and unabashedly Canadian) blog, and much of our content is directed at Canadian parents,  we do hope that no matter where we are, you’ll be glad you dropped by.  We want you to feel included in our conversation, too.

So, shout out to the readers of 4mothers: where are you? Leave us a comment and let us know.


4 thoughts on “Where You Are is Where It’s At

  1. Hello, 4 Mothers!

    I’m in Portugal and I read every one of your posts. I apologize for not dropping by a lot. In fact I hardly ever do. Your posts are delivered to my inbox ever since I came across a post that read something like “I was a much better mum before I had kids”. It’s really oh so all of us! I have recommended your blog to many friends with kids. I relate to so much you write about. I need to say… Thank you.
    My website, my blog, I mean, was born following a reading programme I started at school. I teach mother tongue to 5th and 6th graders. I teach English too, but I like to keep that on a footnote. The blog is written in Portuguese, of course, but for a couple of stories in English.
    I wish you 4 Mothers all the best. You really are an inspiration.

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