You Were a Kid Once Too

Last month I wrote about toilet training my 2 year old.  I have decided to adopt Carol’s attitude and allow myself to follow his lead.  Some days we cruise through the day with barely an accident and other days I am cleaning up poo that has been tracked through the house.  It’s a process.

Recently I took the boys to their favourite store and with money in hand they agonized over their selections.

My eyes were drawn to my four year old.  One leg was crossed over the other.  Then the leg from behind wrapped around the leg in front.

Forget any seasoned parent, an amateur babysitter would be able to tell you that this boy had to pee.  And if experience has taught me anything it’s this:  when kids say that they have to pee now they mean NOW.

The bunch of us hurried over to the nearest sales person and in my sweetest voice asked if we could use the washroom as it was an emergency.

“The washroom is for employees only!” the surly woman snarled at me.

“I completely understand your policy but it’s not for me, it’s my son.  It really is an emergency.”  I pleaded with her, motioning toward to son.  I could tell from the frequency of the legs folding over each other that we had seconds to spare.

“Employees only!” She hissed at me and went back to stocking the shelves.

I wanted to snap back at her, remind her that she was a child once too, tell her that karma is a bitch.

An older man standing behind me gave me a look of sympathy and validated my irritation by saying aloud that this was ridiculous.

Instead, I took a deep breath and walked with my boys out of the store where upon my son just could not hold it a moment longer.

I shrugged my shoulders and through the closed door the older man gave me a thumbs up.


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5 thoughts on “You Were a Kid Once Too

  1. This potty training business is a challenge sometimes! My 2 year old has it pretty well mastered, but we are working on “allowing enough time to get to a bathroom”. A couple of weeks ago we had to pick my mother up at the airport and just as we pulled in to the parking garage a little voice in the back says “Mommy, I need to potty now, and I can’t hold it”! This terminal happened to have a little doggie business area and sure enough, that is where we made it as we jumped out of the car and bee-lined! I couldn’t help but laugh.

    Kudos to you for being able to keep your cool, support your son, and set an awesome example for your kids!

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