6 Words

I picked up the February 2012 issue of Oprah Magazine and the divine Ms. O had a challenge for her readers: define yourself in six words.  The inspiration for this challenge was The Moment: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories from 125 Writers and Artists Famous & Obscure and the Six-Word Memoir project by Larry Smith.

The pages of her magazine were peppered with pictures of smiling women representing various ages and backgrounds, proudly declaring the six words that best define them.

This week we play along and define ourselves using 6 words.  The task seems fairly easy, but I assure you it is not.

Are you up for the challenge? Let us know who you are  and what life you are living by leaving your 6 words as a comment.


7 thoughts on “6 Words

  1. Boy, this is a tough one… but right now I am in the mood to define myself as: anxious, protective, loving, silly, shy, and cheap! ;o)

  2. Today, two days before running my first healing dance class at the age of almost 42 (it’s a long held dream), I am feeling; scared, jubilant, alive, strong, grateful and expectant! Yay!

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