At Issue: Special Snowflake Syndrome

Think you are special?  Think again.  This is according to David McCullough Jr. who delivered the convocation address to Wellesley High this past June. He believes an entire generation is suffering from Special Snowflake Syndrome.

Urban Dictionary states that Special Snowflakes are usually newly-adult and part of the “me’er-than-me” generation, which expects attention and praise for just being themselves.  Typically these people think that they are unique, different and therefore more special than anyone else.  Derived from too many parents telling their kids they are “special”, like a “snowflake”.

What should we be doing as parents?  Should we be encouraging our children’s individuality and uniqueness at all costs or should we be laying down the cold, hard truth that in spite of what we believe, our children are not so special?

Tune in this week as we discuss Special Snowflake Syndrome and let us know what you think.

To start things off, check out David McCullough Jr.’s much buzzed about convocation address and this hilarious Saturday Night Live skit starring Daniel Radcliffe, You Can Do Anything!

4 thoughts on “At Issue: Special Snowflake Syndrome

  1. The problem with snowflakes is that they melt rather quickly under a little heat.

    Our kids are indeed special, to us their parents, and should know that in every fibre of their being, but we have to also teach them that being special to the rest of the world is up to them and the choices they make and the effort they put in.

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