The Organized Family Menu Planner by Glow Baby

Oh, my friends, what a delight this discovery has been!  Nothing has the power to reduce me to tears like the scramble to pack lunches and cook dinner for three boys whose tastes do not overlap.  I am often to be found standing like a deer in the headlights 15 minutes before we are supposed to eat, wondering what on earth to make.  I love to eat food from around the world, with a wide variety of flavours and textures.  The kids, not so much.  But they don’t all like the same foods, either, so dinners become a delicate balancing act.  When my husband is home for dinner, I look to him for moral support at the dinner table, but often, it’s just me and the kids and the whining.

“Fish??  I don’t like fish!!”

“Pasta?  Again?”

“I don’t like red peppers.  They make my throat feel funny.”

“Too spicy, too spicy!”

The Organized Family Menu Planner is right up my street as far as organizational needs and style go.  I am old school.  I keep appointments in a filofax, and I write grocery lists on paper, with pens.  I have never warmed to electronic calendars or grocery list-makers, and while there may well be an app for menu planning, it does not sing to me.

This beauty, on the other hand, is exactly what I need to keep my sanity at dinner time.  And while packing lunches.  Organized week-by-week, with slots for three meals and two snacks, the menu planner even has a perforated, tear-out grocery list tab, all set to rip out and take to the grocery store.  I can map out the week, balance everyone’s tastes and timetables, plan leftovers for lunchbox mains and snacks, and ensure we all get a bit of something we like without too much repetition.  If I don’t plan menus far enough ahead to shop, I can also look at what’s already in the fridge and plan menus around what needs to be eaten up.  If I need inspiration, I can flip back to a meal that has been a hit.  I love it.

Glow Baby were kind enough to send us a trial menu planner, and I know I will be a long-time buyer of these gems.  Check out their other products to help you get organized in the back-to-school season.


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