The 4mothers Revealed

For August’s theme we described ourselves in 6 words.  We wanted to share more of ourselves with our readers and were delighted to discover some of our readers as they played along.

In that series of posts, individual photographs of the four mothers were revealed.  Typically we don’t feature too many personal shots of our children, our families or ourselves for that matter, but how could we not share the beautiful images captured by Toronto photographer, Leigh Tynan.  Leigh Tynan grew up one of four children to parents who owned a framing business.  Her keen eye and sense of style developed at an early age when she would spend her weekends helping out at the family business.  It seemed the perfect segue to photography where Leigh discovered her talent and passion for taking photos. Over the years her style has evolved to include a recipe of soft natural light mixed with emotive moments of family life and the connections between parent and child, brother and sister, and newborn and mother.After living and apprenticing in New York City, Leigh settled back in Toronto and Tynan Studio was open for business.

Leigh’s clients trust her to capture life’s most precious moments from newborn onwards in a fresh and timeless way.

We spent an evening with Leigh at a Toronto park where she captured the essence of 4mothers: fun-loving friends who are very different from each other but also very much the same.

The final group shot can be seen on the 4mothers1blog homepage.

To see more of Leigh’s work visit Tynan Studio.