The Artful Year Autumn: A Seasonal Gem for Creative Fun

We’re adding to our usual writing schedule to shout out for a new and wonderful book for parents!  Jean Van’t Hul, author of the popular arts and crafts blog The Artful Parent, has just launched an amazing eBook called The Artful Year Autumn :: Celebrating the Seasons and Holi days with Family Arts and Crafts.

I’ve long been a fan of The Artful Parent, which is teeming with creative arts and crafts ideas for parents and children to do together.  I’ve got my blog addiction, just like I assume you do too, and I read and admire many homemaking and craft blogs.  But The Artful Parent stands out for me in Jean’s friendly and down-to-earth tone.  Her ideas are inventive and beautiful, and they’re accessible.

I’m no natural in the art realm, but Jean makes me think I can make art with my kids, and it’s her blog that’s my go-to site whenever inspiration strikes and we’re looking for arts and crafts ideas.   I have tried several of her ideas (and I’ve been inspired for many more – they’re on our list!) and a couple of them have been duly noted right here on 4Mothers.

Largely because I have enjoyed and benefited from The Artful Parent as much as I have, when Jean put out a call for people to review her eBook, I found myself writing her a note (I do quite of lot of editing for my day job).  And so I became part of her editorial team, and had the pleasure of a sneak preview into the book, which is filled with myriad ways to mark and celebrate autumn.  There are beautiful crafts, recipes, ideas for celebrating the fall, Hallowe’en, and Thanksgiving, along with a suggested reading list for children.

As I’ve come to expect from Jean’s work, The Artful Year Autumn is filled with creative and fun projects.  The only thing that surprised me was how much she managed to fill into it – it’s a great value at only $9.99.   However you feel about the season that is just now knocking on our doors, you will have a better appreciation for all it has to offer after perusing Jean’s eBook.  It’s truly lovely, and I can’t recommend it enough.