Caine’s Arcade, The Sequel

Have you all seen the original film of Caine’s Arcade that went viral last year?

Well, last month, I saw an update on facebook.  There is now a movement underway to designate October 6th–this Saturday– a global day of play, a day of the Cardboard Challenge, when kids get their creativity revved up.  Check it out.  This kid is an inspiration.  I fell in love with this story last year, falling as it does into that wonderful category of lessons to be learned from slow living.  Leave kids alone with some simple tools, step back and let their creativity and interests take over.  This is very hard for me to do, being the meddling and perfectionist sort myself.

All summer, my middle son has been asking to build a big project from cardboard boxes, so this is it.  No more putting it off.  Now I am getting my thinking cap on to figure our how to organize a cardboard free for all in our ‘hood this weekend so that we can turn this long-put-off project into a friends event.


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