Feeling Fine About Well.ca

I kind of can’t believe I’m writing this post, because I’m about to promote a website that doesn’t exactly need me.  And it’s surely not giving me any perks for doing it.

But I wish it were, because I love this site.  It’s like an online mega-pharmacy, but has tons more offerings than would a regular drugstore, and has a very good selection of eco-friendly products.  To boot, it has fair prices – almost everything is cheaper than Shoppers Drug Mart and most of it is cheaper than Pharma Plus.  And it offers free shipping – no minimum!  Seriously.

To give you a sense of the wide variety of products they sell, here is a sampling of items I have bought:

– sunscreen (Badger)
– toothbrushes (why do these disappear the way they do?)
– toothpaste (Crest and Green Beaver)
– borax, soap flakes, and washing soda (for homemade laundry detergent)
– hairbrush
– Lunchbots reusable lunch containers
– citric acid
– lavendar essential oil

And I wish I bought goggles for the kids while they were on sale (half price), because Well.ca sends notices of sales that I actually find helpful.

I presume that you get out more than I do, but for someone with limited time, limited pleasure while shopping, and limited access to a car, this site is a godsend.

And… who doesn't enjoy getting packages in the mail?  Especially now that letters are so rare, shopping at well.ca is a throwback to when the arrival of the post actually brought about some positive anticipation.

What's the catch?  Really, there's none.  The free shipping is free shipping.  I don't think I've ever spent less than $40 at once, but I notice that if I spend more (about $50), I get premium shipping (1-3 days) as opposed to shipping times of 2-5 days.  Also, they do create incentives for buying more by offering you samples with higher purchases.  And here it's only fair to say that when I wasn't sent one of my three samples – I really wanted to try the Weleda day cream – they gave me a $5 voucher for my next purchase.

But you really can buy a single bottle of shampoo and have it shipped to you free.  I suppose the company accepts these losses in order to have people like me sing its praises and advertise it's free shipping-ness, and also, these folks know perfectly well, just as you and I do, that it's not hard to drop $50 for even the simplest run to the drugstore.

So there's my plug for a store that will never plug for me.  I just had to share it, because it's so crazy useful.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Fine About Well.ca

  1. I discovered this website when I was looking for ingredients for the laundry detergent recipe you posted in the spring! (Which has been a great success; I doubt I’ll ever buy detergent again.) I have also been thoroughly pleased.

    • Kelly, I am so glad to hear about the detergent – I love it too! I am trying to switch over the dishwashing detergent too using some of the same ingredients, but have not yet found the right diy mix – am working on it! Thanks for your update.

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