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4mothers is now on Twitter!
We did it!  4 women who get together to ooooh and aaaaah over fine stationery, beautifully crafted day-planners and lustrous writing instruments have finally joined the forces of Twitter.
Why the delay?  To be honest, we don’t really get this whole social media thing but we realize that unlike floppy disks and feathered bangs, this trend is not going away.
Why not follow us?  We’re taking the cyber world by storm with our 50+ followers.  Don’t worry, we won’t inundate your feed with tweets about what we are doing at any given second because, to introverts like us, joining Twitter is like being thrust in the middle of swinging cocktail party where all sorts of loud-talkers are elbowing each other to be the centre of attention. It’s a little scary.
What we will do is tweet our posts, suggest interesting reads we’ve come across and let you know when something is going on in the city that has caught our fancy.  And it won’t be everything that makes us swoon.  I hereby promise not to tweet my excitement when a ladies room line-up is shorter than the gentlemen’s or when bananas are on sale at my local No Frills.
Nervous about the whole social media thing?  Yup, us too.  Why not take the plunge together?  That way we will get to know you (and where you get your bananas) and you will get to know us . . . even better. . . but not too well.
Follow us on Twitter: @4mothers1blog.

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  1. ah Beth Anne you crack me up.with your writing. Look forward to following you. you’ll see me as @melbthatsme

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