Best of The Blogosphere #5

We have done it again for you.  We have combed the Internet for the past few months and have come up with our list of “must-reads”.  Do you have something that should be included as a part of the Best of The Blogosphere #6?  Email it to us at or tweet us, @4mothers1blog.

Yoon Aimous had us cracking up over her endless challenge to get food into her son.  And could the title of the post be anymore appropriate?  Who hasn’t thought the exact same thing at some point?  Just Eat The GD Vegetable!

There are no girls in our brood, but if there were Are You There, God?  It’s Me, Margaret would definitely be on the recommended reading list.  Blogger Pauline writes for Blogher about sharing this classic with her tween daughter.

There are two great things about public transportation in the city. The first is getting to where you need to be without the hassle of traffic congestion and sky-high parking fees and the second, people watching!  Underground New York Public Library was first introduced to me by way of Cup of Jo.  Blogger Ourit Ben-Haim who takes photos of subway riders reading books says that he is an artist and a storyteller.  I always think it’s interesting to see what people are reading – and on the subway it can run the gamut from the Bible to 50 Shades of Grey.

The weather is changing and that means an increase in the presence of The Know-It-All Passerby.  You know, the woman who stops to lecture about how colds are caught by not putting hats on babies and that in her day tantrums in the grocery store were unheard of!  Wendy Molyneux shares her hilarious (and biting) thoughts on this breed of folks with her post Hello, Stranger on the Street.  Could You Please Tell Me How To Take Care Of My Baby?  You are going to want to print this out!

We repeat it on this blog a lot:  parenting is hard work.  Sometimes we need a little inspiration and Andrea Scher provides that with her beautifully written post titled, We Think We Move Through The World Unseen. 

And if it is not inspiration you are looking for, but rather a laugh, we leave you with this:


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    Love this goofy little rap. But who are these mysterious parents who have time to make a well-produced music video about parenting?

    Oh… It’s a promo for another site. Phew! I thought I was missing some magic parents’ energy potion!

    • Hi 4 Mothers! Your blog is beautiful. Although you say in your blog that parenting is hard work, it is that hard work that you put into it that makes a difference in your child’s life. You don’t need to look for inspiration outside the four of you. A mothers role is special and at times underestimated. Continue to show your support! For more information of our blog, head to –

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