At Issue: Kids and Pets

When Kelly first suggested kids and pets as a possible At Issue topic, I wrote right back and told her that none of the 4 mothers’ homes has pets.  But then, that fact kind of became the interesting bit: how is it that we are all pet-free?

Tune in this week for our discussions of how we have all become pet-free households, for good or ill.

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One thought on “At Issue: Kids and Pets

  1. I can’t remember now why I suggested to Nathalie that the 4 Mothers talk about pets–it might have been as I watched the last of the birthday fish for my oldest die. (Assured by the fish store that the chemical balance in the tank is now fine, we have four more. They seem fine, except I would hardly know: I’ve barely looked at them. I think I don’t want to get too attached.) It might also have been as my husband swore no more cats because of a particularly egregious not-in-the-litter-box episode with our cat. (Who, aside from the hair and the litter box issues, is the absolutely perfect pet. Child #1 and I are in complete agreement that when this cat goes, we will be getting at least one more cat, maybe two, although she diplomatically does not mention this in front of the cat, because she is convinced that the cat understands everything she says.) In any case, I really enjoyed these pieces, and found particularly interesting that in some cases petlessness is a case of a surfeit of love from them, not disdain.

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