Hallowe’een’d Out of a Helmet

So, Eldest says to me, “You know what I want to be for Hallowe’en? A Greek Soldier. But not just any kind of Greek solider. An ancient Greek solider. Or maybe an ancient Roman solider. But not a Gladiator. They were criminals.”

A Greek soldier. Okay. So, I ask him, what exactly does an ancient Greek solider wear?

Turns out, Eldest isn’t exactly sure. Mostly, he just wants a costume that involves the enormous plastic sword that he acquired at the dollar store the weekend his Dad and I were away.

“Can we broaden this costume idea a little bit?” I ask. “Isn’t there anything else you could be and still use the sword?” (Actually, what I meant to say was “Can’t you be something that doesn’t involve sewing?” but it didn’t quite sound like that coming out of my mouth. Oh well.)

“Well”, he says tentatively, “I could be a knight, I guess.”

We have a winner. A knight! Of course!  What ten-year old boy doesn’t want to be a knight, right? What does he need? A sword! (Check!) A tunic! (Check! That’s what duct tape is for!). The favour of a lovely maiden! (Does his mother count?) Oh, and of course, a helmet.

If I’m making a tunic out of duct tape (try it, it’s easy) then surely I can make a helmet out of duct tape. Look at this kid! He’s got it all figured out:

Looks easy, right? I mean, easy enough that a kid of — how old does he sound? Eleven? Twelve? If he can do it, I should be able to do this. Right?


So, Eldest now has a face mask that resembles something that Jacques Plante might have worn, but there’s not much else to it, I’m afraid. I’m hoping that he can wear it underneath the black hoodie that serves as his “chainmail”.  I’ve given up totally on trying to enclose the helmet around the crown, as my fingers are not nearly dexterous enough to get it right.  No matter what I did, the strips of duct tape stuck to one another in a lumpy mess before I could get them into proper position.The result looked more like  — well, it looked like a lump of duct tape — than a knight’s helmet.

I really hate not being able to make this darn helmet, but I have only so much time and energy to devote to the pursuit of duct-tape crafts. Still, there’s got to be a secret to making this helmet. Maybe I’m not patient enough. Maybe the kid in the video didn’t have a glass of wine with his dinner. Who can say?

In any event, Eldest has already announced that next year, he wants to be Poseidon. Another ancient Greek, but this time in a toga. That, I can handle.

I hope.

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