Literature For Babies

First it was Mozart and now it’s Bronte.  That’s right!  It’s never to early to introduce “The Greats” to your little ones.  It doesn’t matter that they are more likely to gnaw on Mr. Rochester’s picture than swoon over this love for Jane, that’s what Baby Lit books are for.

I will admit to having an all-out love affair with Jane Eyre.  I first read this literary classic in the 7th grade and have lost track how many times I have re-read it and how many movie/theatre adaptations I have seen.  Truth be told, there are seconds in time when I long for a daughter to share my favourite literary heroines.  Just me and my daughter getting lost in the lives of Jane, Anne and Jo.  But then someone will “shoot” someone with their “laser” and someone else will be writhing around on the ground with their tongue flopped to the side acting out an agonizing and slow death which brings me crashing back to my reality.

I came across Baby Lit a few months back and just had to share because, maybe, just maybe I can get my boys hooked on some true literary classics.

Baby Lit is a brilliant company that takes literary classics like Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol and Dracula and delivers it to young children through a board book.  Each book is $9.99 and the company is promising three new titles in 2013.  Any guesses?  I am putting money on The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

We all know at least one grown woman who swoons at the mere idea of Mr. Darcy so why not put a smile on her face this holiday season with her very own Mr. Darcy that she can snuggle-up with?  (Character dolls $15)

I happened to mention to Nathalie that this company also sells totes and her eyes grew with excitement as she exclaimed, “Really? Totes?!?”  What a perfect way to trek library books!  I know that the favourite in our house would definitely be this mustache bag for $20.

Do you think that introducing literature to babies has a long-lasting effect or do you think that we’re hard-wired to love reading for enjoyment?

I am going to give the Dracula book a shot with my boys.  They all in agreement that kissy-kissy books and movies are gross but vampires, blood and fangs?  Well, that gets two thumbs up at our house!


2 thoughts on “Literature For Babies

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Reading of any sort is greatly beneficial to your children no matter how young, I think it makes them more confident when older to pick up a novel over a magazine or quick read (which by the way is fine but great that you know they have the option). My daughters name is Brontie, named after the Bronte sisters (it also means thunder), I will definatly be reading there work to her so she know the inspiration behind her name.

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