FUN Brought to You by LUSH Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics is one of my all-time favourite stores.  I am a huge fan of their fragrances, a devotee of their bath bombs, and I could spend all day inhaling the air in their stores.  Lately, when we have gone on long drives, I have gone out to buy bath bombs to put in the car to make it smell great while we are on the road.  When we reach our destination, we all have the treat of our own bath bomb to use, and the place we’re staying smells great, too.  I am also in awe of their marketing and branding.  One thing they do extremely well is to inform the customer about their product.  Check out this video about the rose harvest for their perfumes.  And this story about the origin of their perfume Imogen Rose, created for the owner’s daughter.  You would not think that words would sell a fragrance, but reading the stories about each perfume in their line only makes me want them more.  I mean, come on, who can refuse a perfume called The Smell of Weather Turning?

Needless to say, when 4mothers received an invitation to attend a lauch of new products at the Queen Street Lush, no one had to twist my rubber arm.  And I am so glad I went because I found the perfect stocking stuffer gifts for kids.

Lush recently launched a new product for kids called Fun.  It is four products in one: it’s modeling dough, it’s soap, it’s shampoo and it’s bubble bath.  The kids make their creations then take them into the bath to scrub up from head to toe.  It comes in a rainbow of colours, each with its own fragrance, and it is serious FUN.

The best part is that a percentage of global sales goes to a charity in Japan.  The nuclear disaster that occurred in Fukushima last year left whole residential areas contaminated (and children unable to play outside).  Donations from the sale of FUN will go to local charities in Japan working towards giving children safe places to play in Fukushima.

Win win win.


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    • My kids used some this weekend with their friends who were over for a playdate. It was great to send the friends home with something to put in the bath, and my guys were never in such a hurry to get into the bath!

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