At Issue: Favourite Holiday Rituals

With  Halloween and (American) Thanksgiving behind us, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve (among others) ahead, we’re thinking about the holidays today.

Most everyone has family rituals that they share, year after year . In my family when I growing up,there were certain absolutes: Bing Crosby’s White Christmas must be played at least once, The Bells of St. Mary’s and It’s a Wonderful Life must be watched, and Christmas dinner (and present opening!) take place on Christmas Eve.

As parents, we’re developing our own traditions — and so far, they all seem to involve the assembly of lots and lots of Lego.

Join 4mothers this week as we explore our favourite holiday rituals. We invite you to join us.


3 thoughts on “At Issue: Favourite Holiday Rituals

  1. I love holiday traditions!! The first winter holiday tradition we have every year is when “Elfy” comes to visit us…. you read all about him on my blog. I look forward to reading sharing more traditions with you ladies.

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