The Long Winter’s Night

candle light

candle light (Photo credit: Judy **)

We are, in my family, more nocturnal than not.  Society demands that we rise early, so we do: we pull on clothes in the semi-darkness and pack lunches at an hour far removed from lunch time.  Peter usually leaves for work before the boys rise, and in the hour before they get up, I settle in front of computer screen, steaming mug of coffee in hand, and try to coax thought from my sleepy brain.  At night,  I force myself to bed at a “decent” time so that I can rise at an hour that, despite my familiarity with it,  still feels like hostile territory.  Not one of us are early birds: given our natural tendencies, we would all likely fall asleep somewhere between midnight (the boys) and three (the adults), to rise sometime around ten in the morning or later.

Every holiday, during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we are rebels against schedule. Freed from work and school, we reacquaint ourselves with the night. Bedtime is a suggestion, not a rule. The kids build Lego and read and we watch and re-watch movies until all hours.  Peter and I play Scrabble  –sometimes one game, sometimes a couple of games, because I’m never content to lose and I always do lose to Peter at least once. We eat stinky cheeses from Quebec with baguette after midnight.  There’s always (for the adults) wine, or port: we try to make the port last the holidays, but the wine gets consumed much more quickly. We light candles and play music. We try not to rush.

Even though it makes the return to routine in January more difficult, for that one last week we shake lose the demands of the year, content that whatever time we spend together, when ever it is, is ours alone.

6 thoughts on “The Long Winter’s Night

  1. I love the time between xmas and new years eve !!! it’s romantic, it’s cozy, cuddly, it’s family time! … you’ve described it very very well… I could practically feel your relaxed family live during that time. 🙂 i also love the candle picture!

  2. Sighhhhh… That was such a satisfying read. I too am nocturnal. Why is nocturnalism so frowned upon in society. I feel like I have a secret life that no one can know about, ever. Lol Kat

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