Advent Calendar Ideas

I’ve had several requests from friends and readers to expand on our advent calendar fillers for the boys: what to put inside those 24 pockets?!  I usually have an equal distribution of food, activities, and little toys.

Here are a few suggestions:

Food (This is an easy one.)

  • candy cane
  • chocolate coin
  • hot chocolate for breakfast
  • lolly pop

Little Toys.  This is also an easy one for Playmobil and Lego lovers!

  • one Lego mini-figure
  • use fillers from a Playmobil advent calendar (I bought one for my youngest, but then he decided he wanted to make one like his brothers’, so I’ll just raid the one I bought to fill the occasional pocket).
  • pencils and erasers

Activities.  If you are planning to go to a play, a ballet, a sports event, or anything else that requires a ticket in the weeks before Christmas, why not use the tickets to fill a pocket?

  • tickets to a play
  • Santa’s Elf for a Day: take toys to a toy drive, shop for a sibling
  • King for a Day: you get to pick the music in the car, sit at the head of the table, make a new family rule
  • Chef for a Day: you get to pick what’s on the menu

Permissions.  The equivalent of Monopoly’s Get out of Jail Free cards

  • This card entitles the bearer to One Pajama Day (to be mutually agreeed upon in advance)
  • This card entitles the beareer to One Day Home from School (to be mutually agreed upon in advance)


  • Date Night with Dad
  • Playdate with Mum
  • Basically: you get my undivided attention for an hour, kid.  Let’s have some fun.

Giving.  I got this theme from the wonderful Roseanne.  Check out her blog for her Advent Calendar activities.

  • Elf for a Day: pick toys to give to the toy drives at work, school, doctor’s office, etc.
  • Make a trip to the food bank to donate
  • Hot Chocolate stand with proceeeds to the food bank
  • Choose a family charity for the next year.  Where do we want our donations to go?
  • Make gifts to give: cookies, cards, ornaments, etc.

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  1. really nice ideas, y kids are grown up but I bought a Play Mobil calender for my niece’ 5 year old boy…..

  2. The LEGOLAND Florida theme park looks really exciting for my family, we really enjoy LEGOS so we are looking forward to exploring the park and see all the detailed LEGO Models.

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