Can’t catch me, I’m the Ninjabread Man!

Beth-Anne was talking about these this evening, and in the spirit of the season, I’m sharing them with you.


Aren’t those cool? I’m thinking these cookie cutters are required for some stealthy pre-Christmas baking:


Don’t be alarmed if the butter sneaks up on the sugar.

Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters are $10.99 at IQ Living online or at 542 Danforth Avenue.

(Full disclosure: No promotional fee or benefit was provided to us. We know what you like!)


6 thoughts on “Can’t catch me, I’m the Ninjabread Man!

  1. I just made a batch last week and they were a hit with the kids and colleagues at work! So cute and fun to decorate too šŸ™‚

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