Quotable Quotations for 2012

Throughout the year, I collect my kids’ amusing quotations, and I send them out as our Christmas letter.  Every year, I wonder if I am too much of a dinosaur with the whole paper and stamp thing, but it’s a ritual I truly love.  Here is a selection of the boys’ Quotable Quotations for 2012.

Little G (4), while on a summer stroll through the forest:  I love my life.   I love my legs and my walk.  And I love my curly hair.

Little G: See, R?  There’s a pattern.  We are brothers.  We are both boys.  We look the same.  But I look better.

Little G’s request for a bedtime story: Can you tell “Red Riding Hood” with farts?

Little G: I’m proud of my farts.

Little G (Who else?!): I’ll fart to save the world!

Ted: G, will you stop with that bathroom talk?!

Little G, exasperated with hands in the air: But Da-a-a-d, we are in a bathroom!!

Big G (11) got a phone this year, and when it came time to choose the last four digits of his phone number, he wanted all 6s (his hockey jersey number).  So far, so predictable.  6666 was not possible, so he chose his birthday numbers.  Four down, three to go.  A selection of possible numbers came up, and the man in the store told him to choose something that would be easy to remember.  He chose 961.  Why? “It’s a perfect square.  961 is 31 squared.”

R (7), to Big G during some family debate, suspicious: Why are you taking my side, G?

Big G and R arguing about what to serve for their joint birthday lunch:

R: It’s my birthday too!

G: Yes but I get to choose because I don’t have as many years left in me.

Grandpa: Goodbye, G.  Be good.

Little G: You too, Grandpa.


6 thoughts on “Quotable Quotations for 2012

    • Thanks! I really do recommend keeping track of them, whether you send them out or not. It’s just so hilarious to go back over them. One of the kids’ teachers, who has known the kids since infancy, told me today that she has saved all of our letters over the years, and she keeps them on her desk to pull out and read when she wants a laugh.

    • The key to recording them is to do it in the moment because any busy parent is almost guaranteed to forget the words in a day, let alone at the end of the year. Whenever our kids say something recordable, I almost immediately send myself and my wife an email quoting them. And with the same subject line so that it is always easily searchable.

  1. I absolutely love this idea. I record her precious statements in a book so this is a great end of year idea. Two of my favourite saying have been ‘bouncealina’ instead of trampoline and “I’m two old years”. *melt ny heart*

    • I can’t tell you how often people tell us that they await their Christmas letters with eager anticipation. It really is a great tradition. I LOVE “bouncealina”!

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