More Proverbs From the Mouths of Babes

Our final spin at completing the proverbs as first seen at Crooked House.  So much fun…

From the 6 year old:

A rose by any other name would blow

A chain is only as strong as metal.

A fool and his money are speed tickets.

A good man is nice.

A leopard can’t change its camouflage.

A penny saved is money.

A picture is worth love.

A problem shared is nice.

A rolling stone gathers rockings.

A thing of beauty is hearts.

A watched pot never blows over.

All good things come to clinics.  (Ed:  My son attends squash clinics, which are like group lessons.)

All that glitters is snow.

All you need is warmth.

An ounce of prevention is worth a streamful of love.

Ask a silly question and you’ll get ticklish.

You’ve made your bed, tickle every person in your bed.

Behind every great man is orange.

Better the devil you know than five more minutes.

Boys will be boys. 

Don’t count your chickens before they are ten.

Don’t put all your eggs in you.

Don’t put the cart in your garage.  Leave it where it is.

Don’t teach your Grandma to spell.

Don’t throw the baby splat.

Every cloud has a shape.

Everything comes to him who flies.

From the 4 year old:

A chain is only as strong as metal.   (Ed.:  Same answer as his brother, as with one of two other proverbs, although interviewed at separate times.)

A good man is good.

A leopard can’t change into any other animal.  But he could if he had magic.

A penny saved is money.

A picture is worth a video.

A poor workman always blames on snow.

A rolling stone gathers a hard thing.

A thing of beauty is kindness.

A watched pot never gets broken.

A woman’s place is great.

All good things come to you.

All that glitters is good.

All you need is kindness.

You’ve made your bed, now you can sleep.

Behind every great man is good and bad.

Boys will be good.

Don’t bite the hand that you get.

Don’t count your chickens before they are twelve.

Don’t cut off your nose or you’ll have blood on your nose.

Don’t put all your eggs in a bowl.  Or don’t spill it.

Don’t put the cart in the corridor.

Don’t teach your Grandma to hit.

Don’t throw the baby…  No.  Don’t throw the baby.

Every cloud has rain.  

Everything comes to him who… Good things come to you.

He who laughs last...  Jack Frost.